Monday, November 28, 2011

Apple War

We had Thanksgiving this year at my in laws house, even though they were not home.  It was great.  All the Cranes got together and had a fantastic dinner and day.  I only got a picture of the "9 and under" table, not the prettier adult table!  Oh well, the kids had a good dinner, but they didn't appreciate it as much as they should have, but the adults made up for them.

The kids wanted to go back outside and play after dinner, so they did.  I went out on the back deck to find this:

 Judd, Lainee, Ainsley, Paige, Lilly, and Kendal behind a fort of leaves, plastic kids deck chairs, signs, and a rake for good measure, and

 Ashley, Kelsey, Aly, Ayden, and Larry behind a fort of more leaves, more plastic chairs, but with the added protection of a snow shovel and plastic crate.  
They were having an apple fight.
Full sized, picked fresh from the tree, apple fight.

 Their trenches were dug in pretty close, but that is because most of them (excluding the boys) can't hit a thing to save their lives!  I was watching this little cousin apple war with interest.  Nobody was getting hit although lots of full sized, not crab apples, were being launched, so that means they were not hunkered down using their protection.  I was guessing how long it would take for someone to get hit and hurt for them to realize they needed to actually use their amazing forts for cover.  

It didn't take too long.  I mean, look at Larry, he looks like he is pitching for the big leagues!  I watched him hit Paige in the leg, and she gave him a dirty look and just gathered more apples.  Then I went in the house to finish the dishes.  Soon Kendal came in crying.  Of course.  She was not using the protection the fort was trying to provide.  I loved on her a bit and she kept crying.  I asked her where she got hit and she told me her tummy.  I lifted up her shirt and there was a perfect, beautiful, round and raging red welt in the shape of a monster apple dead center on her tummy.  I bet that hurt!  I saw Ashley later and asked her how she got that goose egg on her forehead.  Apple fight.  Emmitt went out for a bit but came back in crying.  He said he got hit in the shoulder.  At least he learned to find safe ground, the rest of them just played and played apple war all afternoon.
  It was a fantastic Thanksgiving. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My kids make a lot of blanket and couch cushion huts in the winter, but the other day when it was a balmy 28 degrees outside, they decided to make a fun little cozy bed on the front lawn.  (Emmitt is burrowed in the center.)  Crazy kids.  Winter seems to last way too long here in Heber City, but things have been quite nice so far this season.  (knock on wood)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


 Finally finished!  Kendal was able to take Mrs. I's quilt to school today.  She has been so excited to take it and would get angry with me when she would come home from school and I still hadn't finished it. 

Kendal said they had storytime on their new reading quilt today.  That makes me smile.  She also said that the boys don't like the Princess and Dora squares.  Too bad boys!  I gave them firemen, fish, aliens, dinosaurs, and cowboys!


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