Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I know you have an eye for color

I need a tad bit of advice. This is one of my Block of the Month quilts that we have been working on for Enrichment. It is time for me to go purchase the sashing fabric (the little strips that go in between the blocks) and I am not sure what color to buy. Let me know what you think.

This one below is the original pattern and it has you put a lighter blue in between the blocks as the sashing and also as a border. Since I traded yellow for brown in my quilt, I don't think light blue is going to work for me. Tell me what color would look good. I plan on following the pattern for the borders, but just in my colors instead of the bright ones shown here.

I really do need your help. I need to go fabric shopping next week!

My wax paper explanation

Okay, I have calmed down. It is a miracle what a bowl of soup and some sewing will do for you! To explain the previous post -

The St. Lawrence Thrift Store has a HUGE snow and ski sale every November or so and I decided I would go to it this year. Kendal needed a good coat for playing in the snow and I knew I wouldn't have to pay too much for a nice Park City cast off Columbia coat. So Kendal and I went to the store about 1/2 hour after the sale started. There was a line. A very large line. We waited in the line for 20 minutes and moved about 8 feet. Finally a lady came out and said that the Fire Dept would not allow any more people in the building until some had exited. The building was at capacity. So we left. I went back 2 hours later and there was still a huge line. No way. My two girls and I went the next day, knowing that it had been pretty picked over, but we still went to see what deals could be had. There was no line. I didn't find too much, but Kelsey happened to find 2 pairs of ice skates that just happened to be about their sizes and for $4 I had to buy them.
So when Matt got home he was informed that he had the job to take the girls a few times this winter over to the outdoor ice rink in Midway. I love to ice skate, I once thought I was bound for the Olympics as I could jump a few sticks in the settling pond above my house. No triples though, I couldn't quite get the spinning thing down! I figured since my balance is a little off with this 4 pound bundle of sweetness bulging out of my front end I had better not actually skate with them. (one quick question though, since the baby supposedly weighs 4 pounds now, why doesn't the other 30 pounds I have gained even out that little imbalance thing, its all on my rear end?) Anyway, Matt would have to skate and I would laugh and take pictures from the side.
That was the plan, but since he is NEVER home on Saturdays when they are open in the afternoons, the girls have not been skating with their new thrift store skates. So the other night Kelsey said that you can skate with wax paper on your feet. Miss Sally went to their first grade class and read stories that day, I think this is all blamed on Sally because she must have given her the idea! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to try it. So I made the girls wax paper booties and they truly skated around the living room. I could not believe how slick the wax paper really was on the carpet. They had a super time. They both fell down hard a few times. Matt and I were laughing so hard.
Anyway, that is the wax paper post that Blogger made disappear into blogger space and that I was so irritated about that I just could not retype it all right then. By the way, don't you think Kendal's feet look like some leper or homeless person with those poor little worn out booties on?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cut Rite wax paper

I just typed a great post about our wax paper evening and Blogger just killed it. That also happened a few days ago and it makes me so mad!!! I write something great, well, not that great, but still, I write something and then it looses it. So until my temper cools off, you just get pictures and no story because I want to reach into the computer and break something right now. Have a good day.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I grew up with a septic tank and that meant no garbage disposal. I never knew what I was missing until my Aunt Sissey came to visit once. She was peeling potatoes into the sink, something we did into the garbage, and when she was finished she turned the water onto the tator peelings and turned on the light switch for the light over the sink. She had confused look on her face and so did I. She thought the light switch was the garbage disposal switch and then had to clean all the peelings out of the sink. I thought she was crazy, well, not really but I had no idea what she was up to.

I have a garbage disposal now and I love it. Love it love it. All that extra stuff on the plate just gets washed down the drain with no worries. I don't even really think about it until I go home to my parent's house and then not use a disposal. It is truly a marvelous invention.

I had an all day sewing/quilting get together at my house on Thursday for Enrichment and for the occasion I made some very fattening popcorn. Friday morning when I was cleaning up the kitchen and doing a few dishes I heard the horrible sound the disposal makes when there is something in there that really shouldn't be in there. I knew it was either my little teaspoon measuring spoon or a few popcorn kernels that never popped. I also knew that I really HATE it when something is in there. So I immediately ditched the kitchen and called my sister. I asked her if she could come up and get something out of my garbage disposal. It was a mean thing to to, because you see, Tori FEARS the disposal. She has it in her sweet little head that if she sticks her hand down there to fish something out, the switch will spontaneously turn on and chew her hand right off.

Now me on the other hand, I don't want to stick my hand down there purely for sanitary reasons. Don't get me wrong, I clean that nasty little food trap out. I run water and let that baby run for awhile and I even get those little packets that you shove down there, turn on the water, watch the fizz come up and go back down and WA LA - clean disposal. I still don't believe it is truly clean though. How could it be with all the mulch that goes down there? I must admit though that there is a corner of my brain that is worried about a ghost in my house that MAY flip that switch while my hand is in there. Oh, just the thought of it all makes me stomach roll over and over.

So anyway, here is the conversation with my sister the other day, or at least something like it anyway.
me - so there is something caught in my disposal, could you please come up and get it out for me (HEE HEE HEE)
her - no way! do you want me to lose a limb? how do you know that there is something actually in there?
me - it is making that awful sound of something hard trying to be chewed up
her - just put on your big girl panties, get a flashlight, and your leathergirl (leatherman), and dig whatever is in there out, but don't loose any appendages when it turns on by itself
me - sick no, do you know what is probably growing in there? one celled organisms and all the food slime from last Thanksgiving
her - well then, just look and see what is in there and if you need to dig it out
me - gross, that means I still have to touch the rubber flaps that are probably harboring some microscopic parasite, but that does give me an idea - I should use my headlamp!
her - yeah, headlamp is good and those rubber flaps are no big deal, just push them out of the way with something
me - (as the visual of my mission comes into my head) Yeah, I can use the headlamp, get 2 wooden spoons to push open the flaps and then get one of Matt's breeding sleeves from the basement (he uses them for preg checking cows) that goes all the way up to the shoulder to keep my hand from decaying off after I have to stick it in the sludge invested hole
her - yeah, take a picture for me
me - thanks for the help and I will be sure to email that picture to you
her - bye
me - bye

So then I went to the coat closet for the headlamp (where else would someone keep one of those?), to the basement for a bright pink/red breeding sleeve (a normal latex glove would not due because it would allow my wrist to possibly become exposed to the flesh eating microscopic folks nesting in my disposal), and then to the kitchen for the wooden spoons and the area under question. It took a little rearranging of the headlamp, but it worked like a charm, of course after the 2 wooden spoons opened the rubber flaps for me to see into the abyss. You know what I found? A relatively clean (to the naked eye) holding spot with 2 little popcorn kernels that were scared to death of their surroundings, just wishing they could keep passing on through. So I gave them a little push with a spoon, turned on the water, and away they went. Problem solved. No appendages lost. No nasty disease transmitted (yet). No picture taken. Thank goodness.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Is she blind?

I was brave and I went to the Thrift Store here in town on Wednesday looking for a little dresser. Wednesdays are the crazy days there because they spend Monday and Tuesday closed and restock. Well, I did not find a dresser but I found an easel. Kendal was playing with one at a friend's house last week and so when I saw this one at the Thrift Store for $6.00, I bought it.

The girls have enjoyed it for the past few days. Kendal is so cute and funny about it. She will write something on the whiteboard side, usually a little tiny circle, point to it, stand back to face her audience, and say "Octoba. Octoba. Novemba. Novemba." She is the cutest little teacher ever!

My little artist Kelsey has enjoyed it very much although she informed me that I need to get some new dry erase markers.

Two weeks ago I got a letter sent home from Kendal's preschool saying that she was "unable to complete the vision screening" they did at school and that I need to take her to the county Health Department or an optometrist and have one done, fill out the form, return it, bla bla bla. So Wednesday we had our appointment at the Health Department. I was a little nervous for the whole ordeal because how in the world was Kendal going to look at a chart from 15 feet away (or whatever!) and tell the nurse that she could see it? I can barely get her to see her shoes that need to be put away!
I won't go into details for you but all I can say is that Kendal is SO VERY distractable, although how can you blame a 3 year old in a busy hallway! The nurse graciously 'passed' her after Kendal made the attempt of READING a line of pictures with apples, houses, and umbrellas in it. This was after Kendal told the lady ALL the wrong answers on the chart with E like symbols that face different ways. The nurse told Kendal to tell her what way the airplanes were flying. Kendal looked up at the ceiling and wondered where the airplanes were because those E shapes surely were NOT airplanes! She was hung up on the apples because the girl LOVES apples and she was calling almost everything apples, even though she knew better. The nurse didn't pass her for individual eyes though because the moment the nurse told her to be a pirate and hold a paper over her eye, she broke out in Dora the Explorer Pirate Adventure song. Oh well.

So anyway, that evening I was telling Matt and Kelsey about our our vision screening adventure and Kelsey had a super idea.

Kelsey made a vision test for Kendal with the new chalkboard easel! She even kept making her stand on a line to read it. Kendal LOVED it and would yell out all the symbols Kelsey had drawn when she pointed to them. If only sister could have come with us to the Health Department!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chef Kelsey

Kelsey got a super fun kid cookbook for Christmas from her Grandma Ellen. She has been DYING to cook now and Debbie made her a super cute apron, so now she is a chef.
Larry and Ellen came up for part of the weekend so Kelsey and Grandma made some Peanut Butter Balls from her new cookbook. (by the way, peanut butter balls are a great way to use your dry milk - it is one of our favorite recipes for a snack)

The ingredients list has pictures along with the cute descriptions written underneath the picture. It really is a cute book. Kelsey loves it. Now if only I would let her make pancakes by herself like she thinks she can! She has loved to help me cook since she could stir a bowl of batter, but now she thinks she can do it all by herself. AAHHHHH!!

The peanut butter balls Kelsey made have honey in them. Matt LOVES honey and so he made the biggest fuss over her 'cooking'. It made Kelsey swell up with pride, it was super cute. I like the peanut butter balls that use good ol' bad-for-you karo syrup instead of honey. Gimme all the bad stuff and I love it! Actually, just yesterday I was having a chocolate craving and with there nothing but cocoa and hot chocolate mix in the house that even resembles chocolate, I whipped myself up a little batch of peanut butter balls to take care of my craving. It almost worked.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

My harmless cousin tagged me and gave me a Kreativ Blogger award. I am not too creative, but it sure makes me feel good! I am supposed to list 6 things I am grateful for and then pass this award on to 6 other creative bloggers. So here it goes.

I am thankful for my good health, my sweet girls, my loving husband, my wonderful friends and family, my warm house, and Jones' guacamole.

I am passing this creative blogger award onto my cousin Gina who is such a crack up (mynameisbrayden...), Jen who makes me use cuss words when I comment on her blog (Rowsers), Jones who makes great snacks, hand delivers them, and shows me how great parents should act on her blog (misssouthernbelle), Tori who can always make me laugh out loud when reading her blog (jared,tori...), my missionary cousin Ben who has a great sense of humor although he can do nothing about this tagging award (Elder Ben), and Sarah who always has something interesting to say that makes me smile (Heber Dukes).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I started this quilt top this past summer and I finally got all the borders on it yesterday. It is a cute pattern, but I wish my fabrics had more FIRE ENGINE RED in them rather than PETUNIA PINK. Who has every heard of a pink school house? Oh well, live and learn. It is a super fun pattern that uses jelly rolls (pre-packaged 2 1/2" wide strips) that goes together pretty dang nicely. Now, I have to embroider some green stems to hook the flowers to the flower box and get this baby quilted!

Today I have been busy with non-fat dry milk. Our ward is presenting a preparedness day on Saturday (one day of three planned) and I get to do powdered milk, not because I know very much (because I don't) but just because I WANT to know more. So if anyone is looking for some good ways and recipes to use their powdered milk, holler at me and I will email you a few! I made some delicious muffins today with dry milk rather than real milk and they were so good! The girls and I made quick work of quite a few of them!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


- There is not one ounce of snow or ice on my driveway today.
- My range top is the cleanest it has been in a few years (when Matt cooked dinner the other night he used the burner that had some nasty stuff in it that smelled and smoked up the whole house that I had forgotten about - I figured it was time to clean it all)
- All the snow on the south side of our roof has melted, but there is still a good 8 inches on the north side!
- Matt has the day off! Although he had to be in SLC at 9:00 and Coalville at 3:30 - we can still see him sometime between there right?
- I broke off the 5 inch thick (in some places) slab of ice from my entire front porch yesterday when it warmed up. Now it is just 1 millimeter thick and nobody can see it so they will crack their heads open. (beware if you come to visit!)
- Kendal said to me two days ago when I left the room "Tome back here yittle Missie!" Is it a good thing that she can begin to communicate so much better? Yes, it truly is.
- When I finish typing here I am going to finish quilting a tablerunner for my mom I started in July or maybe even May.
- Kelsey is sort of getting over her sock issues, the girl has major problems that she is working through each and every day with socks, including this morning.
- I made an appointment to see Kendal's neurologist in March and I actually got in!
- I am not happy to report however that my armpits are getting fat and fleshy (among other parts). Why can't I be the pregnant lady with a basketball instead of the pregnant lady that looks like a dinosaur?

Monday, January 12, 2009

We had a nice weekend here in Heber City, Utah. Saturday Matt actually got to stay in the valley! He didn't work in Roy and he didn't head south to be a cattleman. He stayed here and was a vet for 6 hours, but at least he was here, not somewhere else. After he finished his health certificates, we took the girls sledding behind the truck in the North Fields. I drove, Matt sat on the tailgate, and the girls rode.

They had a super time. It was a cold afternoon, but they loved it. I got a little crazy with my driving though and made Kendal cry. I scared her and that made me feel bad. But they still had a super time.

Sunday was nice. We used to go to church from 1 till 4, but now for 2009 we go from 11 to 2. It is SO much better! We don't waste the mornings away and we still have some day left when we get home. Sunday after church the girls and I made sugar cookies. I have been reading blogs and feeling badly about never making sugar cookies with my girls because so many of you do. Well, they turned out super delicious. So good in fact that we ate them without frosting any of them. We made about 5 dozen and there are about 8 left this morning. Yes, fatties I know. But they were seriously SO GOOD! I used a friend's recipe that I have had for awhile and I love it. Although I must admit, Kendal with a cookie cutter turned loose on a beautifully rolled out slab of dough was interesting! She was out of control! I had to contain her cookie punching because all we would have had was 5 dozen broken hearts in hundreds of pieces! The girls loved it, I loved it, and of course Matt loved it. We need to do that more often.

To top off the day, Matt made dinner. Yes, I know it was amazing. He must have been tired of waiting on me to start cooking because at 5:00 he was in the kitchen asking me where this and that was. Thanks Matty it was great!

Friday, January 09, 2009


One of the good things about winter weather and being cooped up inside is that I get some magazines read. In the summer the last thing I want to do when it is so nice outside until 10 pm is sit down and read a magazine. There are FAR better things to do with your time. However, in the winter when it is dark at 5:15 pm, it does not bother me to read a magazine or two.

Wednesday here was a beautiful day. The temps were up so Kendal and I spent most of the afternoon outside scooping away drippy melting snow from the driveway, sidewalks, and deck. It was so nice, we took our coats off and Kendal played on the swing set. She could only play on a couple of higher up toys because the lower swings are still snow bound, but she loved it. While she was climbing up the naked canopy that covers the sandbox, I was daydreaming about my yard and garden. I have been getting plant and seed catalogs in the mail and I was thinking hard about what I am going to do to my yard this summer. The weather was so nice and my day dreaming was so involved I didn't notice my little monkey had climbed all the way up the metal canopy and was starting up the domes, about 2 feet over my head. She said "Yook at me momma"and woke me up thankfully.

This is a picture taken in December of said swing set and said canopy covered up by the tree on the right with Kelsey playing in the snow.

Anyway, here is a smattering of my winter bliss . . . the magazines and catalogs that get me through the 8 degree high days. By the way mom, thanks for the Ladies Home Journal subscription!

Matt gets 4 or 5 magazines a week, mostly vet magazines. Here are few of the ones he actually keeps and reads over and over and I keep picking up off the floor where he crashes at night over and over. He has memorized the cow sale ones, honestly.

I am so happy to say that I finished a sewing project. Well, I have finished a few but Baby Brogan's is so hideous that I will not take a picture of it. This one here is Baby Cha Cha's (Charlee) quilt. She was born in July and I am finally finished with it. Kendal LOVES the soft pink on the back, but she knows whose blanket it is and that it will be going away soon!

By the way, Matt told me very nicely that he does not like that 'stuff.' He told my friend Jen the same thing but not very nicely and with a few cuss words. I am glad he can give it to me softly! I suppose I have a big ol' can of TVP to sneak into a few dinners over the next year somehow!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


So tonight for dinner we had an experiment. My family is sort of used to this. We had tacos. That is one of our family's favorite meals, especially Matt's. But tonight, I cracked open the HUGE can of Taco Flavored TVP. Yes, that is textured soy protein, there is NO, I repeat NO meat in it. I first learned about TVP when we lived in Oregon. Alot of my vegetarian friends and other eco-friendly pals ate it alot. I saw it at the grocery store, but I just could not bring myself to buy or try any.

Well, with the my whole food storage kick I bought some Taco TVP. They say that is what Taco Time and Taco Bell use. I believe them now. I wasn't sure how much to prepare tonight, and since Matt LOVES tacos, I scooped up 2 cups of dry round crunchy brown stuff, apparently soy protein, and added it to 4 cups of warm water. I was a little suspicious by the looks of things, but let it set for about 10 minutes and it was looking much better. The instructions say you can brown it (it is already brown) in a skillet like you would ground beef so that is what I did. It didn't turn out too bad and it looked JUST LIKE Taco Time and Taco Bells ground beef that always made you wonder if it was real meat- it's not.

The girls liked it and even ate quite a bit of it. I liked it okay. There really wasn't alot of taste to it. Now I know why they give you hot sauce and taco bell sauce and salsa and taco time sauce and anything else to flavor up that beef taco you ordered. Matt still isn't home yet so we will see what he has to say about it. There are only about 6 cups of it left (no joke) in the fridge for him.
It was a good experience but I think next time I will add 1/2 REAL ground beef and 1/2 taco flavored tvp together. That way there will at least be left overs (something we NEVER have with tacos because of Matt's love of the meal) and it will have some good taste to it. I thought soy was supposed to be heathier for you, but the ingredients on the big ol' can of it say 'partially hydrogenated soybean oil' and we know we are supposed to stay away from 'partially hydrogenated anything let alone oil'. I wonder if the soybean part of it makes it all okay. Any input on the matter would be helpful!

Now my friends Kari, Beth, Jolene, and all the other wierd-food eating friends of mine in Oregon will be so proud of me. If they only knew!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Back to School

My two little birds, that is one name that I call them, are going back to school tomorrow from a nice long Christmas Break. I am really sad about that! It went by so quickly and we did have such a great time! I loved not prying them out of bed in the morning, although 80% of the break they were out of bed long before they would have gotten up for school! Why is it that you can't get kids to wake up for school but on Saturday and Sunday mornings they won't sleep? Anyway, we have had such a great time with them being out of school I am so sad to send them back. I truly never thought I would say that. We really didn't do anything absolutely amazing, it was just nice to relax here together and not be on such a tight schedule. Although I did take them swimming on Saturday, that was amazing. I got into a swimming suit because it is true love - I love those girls so much I wore Matt's swim trunks and my sister's cute maternity swim top. I was so hot, although there will be no pictures posted of the outfit because there were no pictures taken (that I know of!).
We forgot to set Kelsey's alarm clock, I hope we have a good morning getting back into our school routine!

Friday, January 02, 2009

My Little Artists

My girls painted yesterday. Kendal loves to paint and so does my Miss Creative Kelsey. I have some poster paints that have a felt-like knob on the end that Kendal can use and not make a huge mess. She loves it. I laid out some paper for the girls (the best bang for your buck - $1/yd butcher paper!) and got out the paints. Kelsey immediately went to her 'craft box' and got her very own oil pastels we got for her a while ago. We did a project in school with oil pastels and bright colored birds when they learned about the artist Frida Kahlo. She wanted to make another bird, but bigger this time around.

This is Kelsey's end result. She did a great job and the only place big enough for me to hang it in the kitchen was on the back door to the garage. So here she is with her Frida Kahlo bird. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who had huge bushy eyebrows and in The Princess Diaries when the folks come in to help 'fix' the princess, the guy names her huge eyebrows -one Frida and the other one Kahlo. So funny now that I know what they are talking about!

Kendal's poster paint mess did not make it into the photo gallery because I had to keep putting more paper over the top of her gooey creation to soak up the paint. It was a nice mess, I should have taken a picture.
After I hung Kelsey's bird on the door she kept looking at it and saying "sissa's bird, so pitty." She loved it. Kendal had been working on a Diego poster and she wanted her artwork hung on the door too, next to sissa's bird. So I hung her Diego picture on the kitchen cupboard where I usually hang Kelsey's artwork. She just glowed! She thought that it was so great to have her picture hanging up.

She keeps saying "Telsey's bird, my Diego." It is so cute to see her so proud and excited about something. As soon as her dad got home, Kendal had to show him the bird and her Diego. She is so fun. I love my two little artists.


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