Monday, September 30, 2013

Huber Grove

Months ago my friend Amanda and I were asked to participate in the Provo Watershed Festival at Wasatch Mountain State Park.  Amanda had to work and couldn't break away, so my girls and I headed over to Midway, Utah for the Festival on Saturday.  I was unfamiliar with this festival because it was always held the same weekend as our Heber Valley Civil War and Living History Weekend event.

We were asked to do a historical clothing presentation, and of course I threw some historical quilting into it as well.  My girls were great and we enjoyed a gorgeous fall day at the Huber Grove Cabin.  The house and surrounding orchards have some amazing history.  Early Mormon settlers from Switzerland, the Johannes and Maria Huber family, built and settled here in 1878. They raised 9 children here on their 160 acre homestead, and planted one of the first apple orchards in the Heber Valley.  Johannes and Maria would give an apple tree sapling to all the newlyweds in the valley.

The girls and I swung a jump rope for the eachother, Kelsey played her violin a little bit, and the girls just ran around and had a good day in the beautiful fall sunshine.

The Watershed Festival was a pretty diverse day at Huber Grove.  We got to listen to presentations on bee keeping, bats in Utah, dutch oven cooking by a national champion, and Native American dancing.  So many topics beyond just our little historical presentation.  There were other activities happening at the main Wasatch Mountain State Park building and pond as well.  The girls went on a geocaching field trip, and collected little prizes for fun little environmental and weather activities they participated in during the day.

We had a wonderful day and enjoyed playing outside all dressed like 140 years ago. (Much better than running in the Women of Steel race with Ashley and Tacey!)  I am glad my sweet girls enjoy doing this with me.  I think it may have been one of the last few very pleasant Saturdays we will have this fall.   Matt and Emmitt went to the ranch and did the cowboy thing - moved cows, fixed fence, hauled hay, and a bunch of other things that always need to be done on a farm and ranch.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bowie box

Matt, the good doctor, has been wanting a Bowie Vet box for the back of his truck for a long long long time.  When we lived in Cortez, Colorado, he worked out of one and really enjoyed the convenience of it.

So, on September 10th, Matt's box was delivered from Iowa.  The stipulations were that he needed to have something to move it from the trailer to the truck with, so he borrowed his friend's tractor and boy was it exciting!

It took the Bowie guy a few hours to install it, because it has alot of bells and whistles.  Heater, cooler, 18 gallon water tank, LED lights, outlets, sprayers, and all kinds of fancy gadgets.  Matt spent the rest of the day moving all his equipment that was crammed in his little car, to the truck box.  He is pretty excited to have the space and convenience of the Bowie box.  I am excited as well, it is better than Christmas for him!  He does alot of mobile work, so this is going to be great for him.


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