Friday, November 30, 2007

Hooray for my Matty

The post you have all been waiting for - ta da, Matthew Crane!

Since I wasn't there when the pictures were taken, I am just guessing on most of them. This looks like some FFA awards banquet or something. He looks young, a freshman or sophomore.

This picture is from a newspaper clipping about scout camp. Isn't he so cute? What a baby face! Oh, my mother in law kept EVERYTHING of Matt's. I went through at least a 4 inch stack of certificates today. Certificate of Merit for this, perfect attendance, letter awards, certificates from Primary, and a whole bunch more.

This is also from a newspaper article about the Sevier Valley High School Rodeo Club. Matt rodeoed his Junior and Senior years. He did pretty well and made it to the High School Finals Rodeo in amazing Heber City! He team roped and calf roped.

Here is Matty at his Junior Prom. So handsome in a tux! His date was Robin Neilson, a hot to trot cowgirl from South Sevier. Man, do I sound jealous or bitter? No, I just remember Robin in high school and it is hard to believe my sweet Matty went to prom with her.

Matt's junior picture.

Matt was a smartie and still is. He did well in high school and has this continuous quest for knowledge.

Senior pictures

Matt played basketball and was good at it. They took state his junior and senior years. Matt is number 40 in this picture, on the right. Look at those short shorts!

Matt was FFA President his junior year and his senior year he was Junior Advisor. I am not too sure what that means, but he loved it. He is on the bottom left and his brother Mark is also on the bottom, just a boy over.

The summer after Matt graduated he roped in a lot of jackpots and got pretty good. He won this saddle in beautiful Loa at the end of the summer. Look how happy he is! I bet I was dragging Loa main with Brian or my girlfriends and saw the arena lights on. Matt was up there roping all summer and winning a saddle!

Matt is opening his mission call with his anxious little girlfriend Heather watching. He left in the fall of 1991.

This is Matt and Heather right after his mission. I am not sure what dance it was, but they look nice. Heather was younger than Matt, so maybe it was her Senior Ball or something. I figure this picture was taken around the time I met him at Snow College.

Actually, now that I look at the picture, it has the clock tower thingy from Snow in the background. So this was taken when they were both at Snow College but Matt was secretly in love with the girl from his Biology and Chemistry class, ME!

I must thank everyone for posting their high school pictures at my request, it has been so fun. Joe, still wanna see those baseball pictures! Krista, Tori, Heather, Jen, Amanda, you rule! I love you guys.

I have to share one more thing, an email I got from one of my best friends, Camille yesterday. Sorry Camille, but since you don't comment, I had to cut and paste some of your email.

Rachel, Holy Crap!!!! Am I laughing my head off right now or what? Brad and I have been watching your blog every day this week to see all the crazy things from high school. What a complete, huge flood of memories it is bringing back. I totally love it. I mean, those pictures of us "Lyman Girls (+Rachelle)" with our bunny shirts and sun glasses. What a crack up! And the prom - the key, the garter, all that jazz, the hoop skirts and our families coming to watch us. That's gotta sound weird so the city folk! Don't you think. Just seeing all the dance pictures and reading all your comments I am just busting a gut. I can't believe you are as funny today as you were all growing up. You are such a great friend! When I saw the picture of you washing your Monte Carlo, I noticed you had on shorts and I saw your porch in the background. Remember when we had the great idea to practice basketball early in the mornings at the church? Well I remember one day you tripped up or down those stairs and got a killer of a bump/scrape/welt/bruise/bleeding injury one morning. Oh, all the memories. You know what the coolest thing is though, is to see all the high school pictures, the dances, boyfriends, sports, activities and to think of how we all viewed life back then, and then to look over to the left side where you have the cutest pictures of your family and your life now! It's just amazing how life goes by and what happens. Thanks for sharing your fun life with us on the blog. Love, Camille

You made my week!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hooray for Senior Year!

Senior year, you all made it. I must warn you upfront, there are a bunch of pictures here, sorry. I got a little carried away. I am sorry that this post is so late. I went to Quilt Guild tonight and got home late. It was a blast and I got some super pictures to show you all next week of the AMAZING houses we went to for our Christmas Progressive Dinner party. My quilting ladies are such a good time, but anyway, back to Wayne High School.

I went back to Washington DC with this group of Wayne High Students. We had a really good time. The program that we went through is called CLOSE-UP. It is a social science trip and most of the kids that went from other schools were totally political science goo-roos. I just went to see the sights and have fun. I loved the trip and we got to see all the amazing places. I loved The Wall, the Vietnam War memorial, Colonial Williamsburg, Lincoln Monument, and all the other great places we got to see. I wish I could go back now because I would appreciate it all a little more and now I actually know about those places and care about what I could learn from them.

This is me shooting skeet on the baseball field for Harvest Ball from a yearbook picture. The FFA has 12 or so girls do all these competitions like shooting, saddling and riding a horse, backing up a horse trailer, roping some poor sheep, and things like that during school. It all ends with the Harvest Ball at the end of the week. When I was shooting this shot gun, I was holding it and when I turned around to ask somebody something, the entire studentbody that was standing behind me ducked or laid down. It was so funny. Well, Mr. Torgerson and Mr. Elmer didn't think so, but I did!

I should have put these pictures at the end of the post, but it is too late now. I can't move them. This one is a note my science teacher, Mr. Petersen, gave to all the seniors. He was our class advisor all through high school and he was a super teacher. He is the reason I am a biology teacher, well, I have my license anyway. I am not sure if you will be able to read it, but it tells everyone about a graduation party at his house and reminds everyone about a trip to Lake Powell that we all planned after graduation. He was such a super guy and he always used the term 'critters' in biology and he wrote it on the note, so funny to all you Wayne Highers.

This is a picture of that Lake Powell trip. All the girls put on our life jackets upside down and we were pretending to be sumo wrestlers. We also pulled a little trick on the boys. We put our life jackets on like that and then we all swam out into this little bay. We told the boys to swim out because it wasn't very deep and that we were standing on a sand bar. The boys all swam out while we tread water with our hidden life jackets on. They were so tired when they got out to us, we had to help them all back to the beach!

My friend Trena and I always argued who had the biggest bust. We would ask all our girlfriends and they would tell us we were the same. We would then look at each other and say "There is no way I am that big" or "She is way bigger than me." We teased about it all the time, but in the end, she totally won! Kami finally told us the truth to make us shut up about it. Well, what I wanted to be the truth.

It is tradition to go white wash the big W on the hill and to put your class number up there by it. We changed the 92 to a 93 and spiffed up the W. This is most of my class, and yes, that is a horse. It packed the bags of lime up the hill for us. That was a fun day to miss class.

This is Brad, Camille, Trena, Me, and Amber. We are having a Studentbody Officer sleepover. I can't believe they let us do that! We were such good kids though, Mr. Elmer had nothing to worry about. Notice Trena has a huge bow in, maybe I loaned her one of mine! Brad and Camille are married now. So funny. They were not sweethearts in high school, but Brad won her over in college. They are in Gainsville, Florida right now with 2 kids while Brad does his residency. He is a doctor and I think he is specializing in anesthesia. Camille, tell me if I messed that all up! Brad, click on the comment button at the bottom of this post and say hello.

This yearbook picture is of me and Brad for the most school spirit. Can we help it that we yelled so loud at basketball games?

I forgot I had my hair braided and beaded once. I told you all I had hair issues didn't I? Amber and I drove all the way to Cedar City to have my hair braided. Mom? Why did you let me do dumb things?

Alynn, me, Camille, and Mitch did a lip sync in the lip sync contest at school. I wish I could remember the song we did, but I do remember it was one that had a deep voice part that Mitch did. It was Spirit Week and it happened to be BACKWARDS DAY. You can barely tell in this picture, but all of our clothes are on backwards. I loved spirit week.

Okay, return of the killer bows! Oh my goodness, I am surprised my dad let me out of the house! Love the socks too!

This is my Senior Ball and I couldn't go without a bow. It was a really fun time and I will never ever forget how much time we spent decorating. Our actual date was cut a little short because we were decorating all day.

Dancing with my Paps. After the promenade or floorshow, all the seniors danced with their parent. My dad had so much hair 15 years ago! And look how dark it was! Dad, I love you. I think your gray hair now is so full of wisdom and wit!

This is a picture of the Senior Class Officers at our Senior Ball.

Bad picture, but it shows about 1/50th of the balloons we blew up for our Senior Ball decorations. No kidding. We filled the gym ceiling with balloons, it was gorgeous. Yes, that is a bow on top of my head, not a pink balloon, although it is big enough to be!

Testing out the backdrop decorations for the pictures. Brian came home from college to go to the Senior Ball with me. Well, technically I think he came home from college every weekend. You might all think I am a little weird to be posting pictures of an old boyfriend, but I really did consider him my best friend for a few years. We had a great time together. How could I not include him? That would be like not including Amber or Camille? By they way, did anyone else buy striped Girbaud shorts?

Jonesy, this picture is for you. They were not ducks as I first thought, but they are geese! Honk Honk Honk. Geese!! My mom might seriously still have this shirt in the back of one of the closets at home. If so, I will wrap it up for you for Christmas! Do I need to point out the bow?

My mom made a comment on one of the other posts the other day about me not wearing long pants. It is true, my junior and senior years of high school I only wore long pants once. (You all know I can't use the word 'jeans' right? Too cityish for me.) That one time was when all the girls basketball team had to wear our new sweats to school one day. All of the other days I wore shorts.

Our school had a snow sculpture contest after we got a good storm and so I called my mom to bring me some thermals to put under my shorts. What a good mom. Ooh, check out Amber's bow. It was a widespread epidemic!

We took 1st in region and 2nd at State my senior year in volleyball. That was hard. We had such a good year, but when we got to that championship game, we just let them slaughter us. It was a great year though and I loved playing.

This picture was in the paper the week after we won region. I was number 10. There are no basketball pictures my senior year because I didn't play. When tryouts came around, I decided that I would rather not be on the team than to be benched and watch the sophomores play. How horrible is that? The sophomores that year were a really aggressive bunch and they WERE better than me and my pride could not take it. I went to every game and watched though, and they took 2nd at State that year in basketball too. That was tough year for the girls that got 2 2nd place trophies.

This was in our yearbook. All the seniors had a little letter and a kid picture of us in the yearbook. My mom is so sweet.

This is my class. I tell everyone that there were 32 of us plus 2 pregnant juniors that graduated with us. Boy, that sounds horribly small townish!

Camille and I gave the class history at graduation. She wrote it all up and it was so funny. She wrote about alot of the dumb stuff we all did, I still have the transcript!

I am and will always be a sentimental fool. I cried like a little baby with a belly ache at graduation. I was happy, but sad to have it all end. I loved high school and all my friends and I knew it would never be the same after this night. So I cried and cried.

Amber, Rachelle, Camille, and me. We were great friends and I couldn't have had any better buddies to grow up with.

Our class always said we would go on a cruise for our senior trip, and we did! We really made it happen. Here we are at Sea World in San Diego, one of the stops on our little 4 day cruise.

A few summers ago I was wondering if striped shorts would ever come back in style. I thought about the teenagers today and how they would laugh and laugh at my striped shorts. I thought about how many pair I must have had in high school and I remember Camille telling me a funny story about school shopping at 5-7-9 in the mall for shorts. Then, last summer, all of a sudden the young women and young men in my ward showed up to an activity, and a handful of them had on striped shorts. As the summer wore on, I noticed everyone had new striped shorts. So it has happened, the trend has come back. That sure makes me seem old.

Us on our ship, the Southward, near Catalina Island. Man that was fun, we played sand volleyball with the cute native boys for a little while. They knew how to play ball!

Our little cabin. Camille, Amber, and I shared this cabin. I included this picture to remind everyone how very cool it was to wear boxers for awhile. I had on my Mickey Mouse boxers, even cooler!

There is a story behind this picture. The ocean air made my hair go really frizzy and alot bigger, if you can believe that. I asked Amber to do my hair for dinner that night. She had long beautiful blonde hair that she put hot rollers in. She put her hot rollers in my thick, short hair and holy smokes! It went huge. That is not a shadow, that is my hair! Amber and Camille about had heartattacks when they took the curlers out and saw the result. I just about stopped breathing forever when I looked in the mirror!

So we went up to dinner and it was some Mexican theme or something because there was this guy who worked on the boat that met us at the door to the dining room with a sombrero and a whip. There was also a photographer there to take your picture with him. See, it worked, I bought their $7.00 picture just for the big hair memory. Anyway, it was our turn and I grabbed that whip from him, yelled "YeeHaw" snapped that whipped and nearly made him mess his pants. It was great. The photographer missed the shot, but got us laughing afterwards. When we walked into dinner, EVERYONE looked at my hair like it had seahorses in it.

Just splashed by Shamu. It is funny to think that Brad and Camille are married now, because I think I remember her saying "Brad, get your hands off of me" when this picture was taken! Love you guys!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hooray for Junior Year

Junior year was a blast. You will see the recurrence of the huge hair bow syndrome though. I had super friends, good classes, a really fun boyfriend, I grew out of the onery-daughter stage so my parents were my friends again, and playing ball was great that year.

Preference at Wayne High is casual. I have found that most big schools have a very formal Preference. Ours was so not formal. All week long the 10 or so Pref candidates had to do silly, horrible things during assemblies and lunch periods to show the school how crazy they were. Our Pref is sponsored by the FHA so most of the tasks were how fast they could diaper a puppy dog, or how well they could clean a toilet. Crazy things like that. The best of all is the Talent Show/skits that all the guys have to do in front of the school. So stinking funny! Anyway, Brian, my boyfriend for a few years, was Most Preferred his senior year. It was a really fun dance and the whole week was such a crack up.

This is me as an Indian squaw. My friend Amber and I were in the Musical (we only did one a year!) our sophomore year and loved it, so we talked some of our friends into doing it this year. We all had a blast but they all ended up being cowboys and I wanted to be an Indian! We did 'Annie Get Your Gun' that year. I so didn't want a big part and have to do some solo, just a little part that is all, so I could go to play practice and use that as an excuse not to do my homework.

Alright folks, this picture appalls me now. Not that I am kissing my old boyfriend, but that the yearbook advisor, as in Mr. Bagley took it! I so remember the mistletoe hanging above the door of Mrs. Durfey's English classroom. Brian walked me to class, gave me a little smooch under the mistletoe, and then went to his classroom. Well, Mr. Bagley saw the exchange and asked us to pose for a picture! The nerve! I remember the first kiss had no audience but the second kiss that you see now had about 20 of my English classmates watching! Is it normal for an adult teacher to encourage that behavior in 17 year olds?

Love the thumb in the bottom corner! I spent a lot of time on the phone with Amber, Camille, Rachelle, Kami, and Brian. No cell phones then! Boy have times changed.

I was moderately smart. I usually made the honor roll and did the whole Who's Who thing, but for some reason, I sure didn't feel really smart because all my friends were total brains. Okay, not all my friends but at least my good ones!

This picture is out of the yearbook and it represents a wonderful year of volleyball. I had such a good time playing ball that year. Camille, Holly, and I were truly Queens of the Court.

This picture in the yearbook was on the same night as the one above and I had to include it to show you what a good time, goof off my friend Brian was. He and and a few of his buddies did the 'Wayne and Garth' from Wayne's World faces. It totally cracked me up. You can't see the other guys doing it because I cropped the picture to show you the cheesy grin I had.

Basketball my junior year was so fun too. Our coach, Chad was a super great guy. He made it alot of fun and we did well that year.

This was at some Luau Dance. My friends Amber and Jill, and me and Brian. Amber and Jill were roomies with me at college.

Please bear with me on the Junior Prom pictures, it was such a great night. This one above is my entire class. Aren't we so cool? Imagine your top 20 or so best friends from high school, and that is what my class was to me. We really got along great. We were a small class, most of the classes were and still are around 50 but we had 33ish in my class and most of us got along great. The teachers loved us, honestly.

Don't you love the huge dresses? This is all of us doing the promenade dance to Micheal W Smith's Place in this World song. To some city folks, it is such a shocker that parents go to Prom, along with brothers and sisters that are old enough to be potty trained. Okay, so I am kidding on that part.

More Promenade. We were matched up with the guy in our class that corresponded to our height. Check out my bow! I didn't leave home without one!

I loved my prom dress. It really made me feel like a princess.

As I was going through a photo album the other day for this week long adventure, I found this page in it. You are all going to think I am some crack pot. The hearts are salvaged foil from our decorations. Is that the lamest thing you ever heard? But I am so much worse. Last year my mom was cleaning out the attic and had me go through a couple of boxes that were mine. I had streamers in there from my prom! The worst part is that I couldn't throw them away. I brought them to Heber City and they are safe and sound in my basement at this very instant. I think I have some sentimental disease.

The other part that cracks me up about this page in my book is the Prom garter. Everyone in my class ordered one. Why? Did I even know what a garter was back then? I highly doubt it. All I knew was that it was something that all the guys had in their trucks and cars around their sun visor. It also was usually holding some picture of their girlfriend to their visor! I had my junior prom key necklace in there too. Do they even do junior prom keys anymore?


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