Monday, November 12, 2007

The Husky

Tori, Jared, and Taylor came up to Heber City on Saturday to go see the Bar J Wranglers. I am still so jealous, by the time I talked myself into going without Matt, the tickets were sold out! Oh well. After the Bar Js, my friend Jen called and asked if we wanted to go "Take up the Husky." Heck yeah!

So here is the Husky and here is the cute little door to the hangar. Isn't it the cutest thing you ever saw? Oh yeah, and Taylor is pretty cute too!

Kendal loved riding the Rowser boys bikes and here she is, the tiny little pink dot on the far left, getting a little too far away. Assorted kids are chasing after her, along with Jared, on a Rowser boy bike, to bring Kendal back. Thanks for rescuing Jared!
Here is Tori after her flight. We all had a super time. Thanks so much Brian and Jen for such a super-cali-fragilistic-expee-alladocious (that is for you mom) afternoon flying. I told Brian that I felt like he was my horse Roxy, who after being led up and down the same road 14 times in one day, finally got sick of it and bucked Tori off into the barbed wire fence. Brian took 5 trips up into the great blue and back down again for us. He is such a good sport to indulge us all afternoon.

And Jen, thanks for the bikes and scooters, what would Kendal have done?

This is me pre-flight, basking in the sun and clear air. Breathing it all in, ready for my adventure. I told Brian I wanted a good ride. He offered to take Kendal and I up and "go easy." I told him no way, Kendal was having a much better time on the big wheel and that I wanted an exciting ride.

So, now I am all buckled in and ready for Brian to make me pee my pants.

This is me post-flight, basking in the sun and clear air, and grateful that I still have a little pride left. I can still look Brian in the face because I didn't let any of my vomit get into the plane or down his neck. I can still be friends with Jen as I clean chicken nuggets off the side of the plane. Thank goodness Brian and Jen have to be my friends, because our children are friends!

I really did do great throughout most of the journey. Brian is some maniac pilot and truly did give me a super flight. We skimmed valley floors, barely topped a few ridges, touched down in an alfalfa field, banked some good hillsides, soared over the reservoir, scared some poor deer and ATVers right out of their wits, not to mention the folks on the Heber Valley Railroad end car! I seriously was thinking about that scene in Harry Potter where Ron and Harry steal the flying car and are trying to catch up to the Hogwarts Express. Brian flew over the reservoir and headed to the train tracks and we followed them for a few seconds until we turned around the bend and there was the train!! I felt very Potterish! Good thing Brian knows what he is doing! Is was about at this time that I started to feel the effect of the "zero gravity roller coaster maneuver" Brian had just pulled off a few minutes before.

When my fanny came off the seat, and I started to tell Brian that I felt like an astronaut, I looked around me and saw rags, a shirt, books, binders, water bottles, etc floating around me. They all came down in my lap a few seconds later, except for the Gatorade bottle that hit Brian in the noggin. All of this stuff came from behind my seat during the zero gravity maneuver. It was VERY cool, but a few minutes later my head was hurting, sweat was running down my back and stomach, and I started to feel it happening. Here came my lunch. I told Brian I was going to throw up and then I opened the window just in the nick of time. How good is that? I have an amazing way of showing my appreciation. The entire flight I was wishing I could turn off the little microphone by my mouth so Brian would not hear my "eeks", "eewhs", "holy craps", and "sh"es. By the way, those "sh" sounds were the beginning of "shikes", not what you are really thinking! Promise. I hope I took off the microphone when I threw up, sorry if I didn't Brian!

Well, all said, it was a very fun afternoon at the airport. It was a little embarrassing, but it was worth it. Jen, the conversation was great. You, Tori, and I should chat again soon. Thanks Rowsers and Elwells!!


Krista said...

Rob would be so jealous! He wants to get his pilot's license. I'm scared to death to let him. I would have been right beside you throwing up! Heck...I don't even know if I would have gone up in the air, so you are better than I am!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! How fun is that?!!! That is so funny you threw up in mid air OUT A WINDOW! That's a mom for you, always thinking ahead. Mark's Dad took me up in his plane a few times and I can't take it! I lost it too. I tried to be grateful and compose myself afterwards, but then excused myself to the ladies room and came back with an empty stomache. I do better on 747's! Wish I was here to meet your sis Tori. I saw the Bar J Wranglers up in Jackson Hole and LOVED THEM! I love the old country music. OK, I can't wait for camping season to come again. We are going to have to get a couple of families together and go. I love the out doors. That was random hugh? Being in AZ made me appriciate a this beautiful state and it's four seasons!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. Rach I would have thrown up to. I can't even go on a roller coaster at Lagoon and you love that kind of stuff. Tori looks a touch pale. Was she ok?

Mom said...

Your story made me giggle. You and Tori have such a way with words, to make everything sound so exciting,,but it did look exciting and fun,,,,glad ya had a good time.

Tori said...

That pic of me is absolutely horrible!!! I look like a certain red headed girl that lived down the road in Lyman (won't name names) Geez--Rach! Thanks! Anyway, loved that day! Jared has been telling his whole family about it!

Brittany said...

Rachel...You are so funny! I have never been a plane like that..but I would be more nervous that I would Throw up..than for the actual flight! I am so sorry you missed the Bar J's I know how much you LOVE them!

Mom said...

Well, Tori the pic she put up of you was a heck of alot better than the one she put up of me,,Maybe we should steal her camera,,,,or maybe i should lose about 30 lbs. and take my hair outta that silly pony tail. "smile"

Mom/aka Buttons said...

Amanda Lee, your blog would not let me get to the comment screen,,, but your video and pics were amazing,, ( i won't say the super-cali-fragilstic word) anyway, good job Amanda,,, i loved it.

Epperson Family said...

I haven't flown four along time, my kids have never flown. When I was little I had an Uncle with a small [;ane that would take us kids up all they time, was after some loops and twirls through the air we all (5) of us threw up all over the plane needles to say it was along time before we got to go again!

Jenny said...

On Saturday night evening news there was reports from 4 motorist heading South on SR 189 to Provo. The motorist all claimed that foreign objects had fallen from the sky. One motorist claimed the substance seemed to taste a lot "like Chicken."

barfer babe said...

Funny funny funny Jen. Just because I don't have a TV to see if you are lying, doesn't mean that I believe you!! Besides, doesn't almost everything taste alot like chicken?

Okay, so the "babe" part of my name is a bit of a stretch!!

Mary and Chapel said...

That is one SWEET airplane.
I bet you could be a gunner right down on a coyote, not me tho.
I get queasy just thinking about the ride i took with Dave C.I didn't blow chunks, but I had a headache for three days.Glad you all had a fun day.

Anonymous said...

I love your music selection. I just hate changing the page. I wish it would folow me as I surf the net.

Anonymous said...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
How'd you like chicken,
That had already been chewed?


Rachel said...

Dad, you crack me up! So what you are saying is that the coyotes are safe from you?
Brian, thanks for the heart felt poem!
Amanda, I agree on the tunes thing, I wish they would follow you through the comment links.

Jenny said...

PS Brian has never given me a ride like that. Now we have levels of rides...
Kendal - Ride level 1
Jenny - Ride level 1.5
Tori - Ride level 3
Rachel - Ride level 11 - 3(vomit)=7


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