Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I love Thanksgiving

Sometimes I totally amaze myself, and today that happened. Next month is my 12 year wedding anniversary. Yes, I know take pity on Matt or maybe me, but it has been good. Anyway, we received a big box of Corningware for our wedding 12 years ago from one of my favorite aunt and uncles. These dishes looked so pretty that I didn't dare open them until today. Can you believe that? Until today the box had never been opened, it still had the shrink wrapped plastic around it with the little sticker on it that said #17. My friend Rachelle sat at the gift table at my reception and she put the little sticker on it and then wrote in my little book "#17- Alton and Barbara Chappell." This unopened box has been to Logan, to Lyman, to Logan, to Loa, to Pullman Washington, to Loa, to Corvallis Oregon, to Cortez Colorado, to Midway Utah and finally to Heber City Utah where we have been for 5 years and 20 days. I am pretty sure it spent a little while in our storage unit in between all of that too.

So today, I opened them and washed them. Aren't they pretty!

Tomorrow I am headed south to my in laws. We are having Thanksgiving dinner there and we will spend a few days just laying around with protruding tummies. These are my Crane sister in laws. Mindy, Matt's baby sister who has 3 little girls, Lisa, sweet mother of 2 year old twins, Amanda, who will soon surprise us with the name of her 4th little girl, Emiko, who is the only one to have boys in this family and she has 3 of them plus one girl, and then there is me.

This is Thanksgiving last year. It was the Chappell side turn and we had dinner at my house. It was a super good time. Think of how nicely those dishes in a box would have been! Here is the crew. We were all supposed to kiss our neighbor!

I hope everyone has a super Thanksgiving and travels safely. Thanksgiving is my 2nd favorite holiday. I just love the family part of it. (Easter is my favorite.)

One more thing, I posted a few days ago how Kendal can now sit through an entire episode of Dora and how great that was. Well, the greatness wore off this morning when she woke up at 7 and wouldn't go back to sleep. She grabbed my finger, pulled me out of bed, took me to the TV and said "Dowa." So, I started one of our Dora DVDs and crawled back in bed for a 1/2 hour!


Anonymous said...

You have such cute SIL's. I love your family and the picture of everyone kissing their neighbors. You can tell your parents are still so in love! Don't have too much fun with out us:) Either way, take tons of pictures and enjoy one of your fav. holidays. P.S. I Love your new (12 yr old) dishes!! We'll miss ya!

Tori said...

You crack me up with those dishes! I think if you fessed up to everything you have that is unopened from your wedding people would realize your craziness! I am on my third (and last) marriage and I need new stuff!!
I hope that turkey with the Crane's is great and we will see you on Friday--Taylor will be so excited!

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Anonymous said...

Rachel, I received the same comment twice on my blog. So I did a little research and someone is advertising their buisness in Europe. CRAZY!! Next time it happens on my blog I am reporting it...I don't know what damamge they can do but it will help me sleep better at night:)

rachel said...

Thanks, I was just trying to figure that out. Dirty Rotten blankety blank. I'll show them a blog roll!!

Krista said...

Have a great Thanksgiving Rachel. If it makes you feel any better, I have been married over 8 years and still have Christmas dishes that I haven't even opened.

BTW...Anna is in love with Curious George. I hear about Jworge all day long!

Epperson Family said...

We are ended south too, sunny St. George, I sure hope it's warmer there than it is here. I don't think you are too weird for not opening 12 yr. old wedding gifts. I have a few too. In fact some of the prizes for the shower were wedding gifts I hadn't opened yet!


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