Tuesday, August 19, 2014

a time to sew

It rained for a week a few weeks ago here.
It was glorious.  I love it when Heaven waters my yard and garden.
The rainy weather made me want to sew, something I don't get to do very much in the summer.
So I dug out some blocks I made in a block of the month from 2010 and bought some sashing fabric.

It took me a few days, but I finished this quilt top.  The colors really are THAT ugly, but it was what was included in the block of the month packets.
So now, off to the quilter for this one.

The girls started school today. 
Yes, I cried.  I need a diversion!
Its raining today, so I should sew!
 But I do I need to decide which unfinished quilt project to work on.
I have at least 30.  No kidding.
Here are a few I am considering: 

This one is ALMOST finished, one more border I think!

This one is a long way from finished, but really needs to get done.

This one will take a lot of brain power to figure out what I REALLY want to do with all these stars made as friendship blocks by my friends.

And this one is just blocks laid out on the floor, they aren't sewn together.
Plus, I have a sweet reader who really wants to see this one completed.
I think this one may win the contest!

So now that I have dried up from my girls growing up and being gone,
cleaned the bathrooms, and figured out dinner,
its time to sew.

Monday, August 18, 2014

my four blessings

Being a mom to these four little gifts from God is pretty incredible.
Its crazy how I used to think I knew them better than they even knew themselves.  Then they grew some more, and it seems I knew them less.
Then they go to school and it seems I know them even less because of all the outside influences they experience.
But I know them.  And they know I know them better than anyone else on the planet.
And that's enough for me.
They know I care more about them than anyone else on the planet as well, and that's the incredible part about being a mom.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One year Anniversary

Today, August 12th, is a big day for me.  Its my anniversary! 
My one year Crossfit Vapor anniversary.
One year ago today I went to my first class at Vapor; it was a foundations class that taught the basics of crossfit.
August 12th 2013, on my way to my first Crossfit Vapor workout.
 Two months earlier, I got off the couch (thats a figure of speech, we all know moms don't have time to sit on the couch!) and joined my neighbors, the Joneses, for a garage style crossfit workout.  
I was super nervous because I was going from doing practically nothing cardio-wise, to working out with my super fit fun neighbors.  For part of the warm up we were supposed to run 800 meters.  I couldn't do it without stopping and walking.  There were lots of things I couldn't do.
But we had a fun group of 6 or 7 neighborhood moms last summer working out in the garage and we were all the encouragement we needed.

The awesome garage.
 I was in rough shape. 
I couldn't do 10 sit ups without peeing my pants, no joke.
I couldn't do a box jump, so I did  7 or 8" 'curb jumps.'
I couldn't do a legit burpee.
50 single jump ropes were all I could breath through.
I found out I ate a lot of GARBAGE!
I got so much better that summer just working out in the garage with my girlfriends.  It was my favorite part of the day.  I even cleaned up my eating a bit (cleaning up to me then was less bread and more eggs) and I lost 19 pounds in 2 months. 
I bought my first pair of size 7 pants since my Freshman year of high school.  (9th grade was a really long time ago!)
I would have been happy as punch doing my garage modified style of crossfit forever.  Lots of cardio, some strength work, and a little bit of weights. 
Then my other neighbors, the Scotts, opened Crossfit Vapor, the only real crossfit gym in town.
McCall and Jaren Scott, owners and coaches at Crossfit Vapor
 I look back now and laugh at a conversation I had with McCall Scott in May of 2013.  I remember talking to McCall that summer even before I started working out in the garage and before they opened their gym.  It went sorta like this:
McCall: I love working out, I love lifting heavy, I wish Heber City had an awesome Crossfit gym.
Me:  I hate working out.  I hate sweating.  I would just rather not really eat than worry about exercising.
McCall: Oh, not me.  I love food.  I love to eat.  I workout so I CAN eat.
Me: (only consuming 1100 calories a day at the time) Really?  It works like that?
Yeah.  I had things backwards.  I was truly counting every calorie and not going over 1100 of those babies while nursing a baby full time and not doing an ounce of exercise beyond normally Rachel-mom life. Backwards living.
 So, my new life at Crossfit Vapor began 1 year ago.
We moved weight.  A lot of it.
When we worked out in the garage, the Joneses said that what we were doing wasn't true crossfit because we weren't lifting very much.  His garage wasn't equipped for all of us to lift.
I learned what true, real, crossfit was.  And I wasn't sure I totally liked it.
Even when I started at Vapor, I still kept going to the garage gym for a few weeks with my neighborhood gals because I just loved it so much.  But that didn't last long.  With the crossfit workout I was getting in the mornings, and the cardio garage workouts in the evenings, I was just crushed tired. Dog tired.
So Crossfit Vapor became my thing.
The second workout at Vapor I did was FILTHY FIFTY (50 reps of 10 different activities).  I threw up doing the 50 wallballs and didn't finish the workout.  But I kept going back, 4 times a week.  And strange things happened.  I got better and stronger. And some muscles.


In September I did my first rope climb in a workout.
I did a one rep max on my power clean at 105 pounds.
I did FRAN (21, 15, 9 reps of 65 pound thrusters and pullups) in 7:27 with a band to help me do pullups because I couldn't do a pullup.
And I still peed doing sit ups and box jumps.

In October I got a 95 pound snatch one rep max.
I did a 205 pound deadlift.
And I got my pullups!

In November I rocked 10 rope climbs in a workout.
I got a 125 pound power clean max.
I learned how important core strength is in many movements, like the overhead squat. 
And I learned that I needed a whole lot more core strength!

In December I bought a few more pairs of fun fun jeans (my sister is going to die laughing because I just used that word) I would NEVER have bought before.  I also gained some weight, about 10 pounds since September.  But the fun clothing still fit nicely. WIERD!   I was worried.  I talked to McCall, she was not worried.  She actually smiled.
I also did 100 power cleans in a workout and learned I should really be using that hook grip they keep telling me about.

In January I turned 39 years old.
I felt better at 39 than I have in years and years.
I saw this picture of Kendal telling me what to wish for before I blew out my birthday candles and was surprised.  I had arms.  I figured out where that 10 pound weight gain might be!

In February I did FILTHY FIFTY again with these friends.
I didn't throw up and I finished it.
And it was awesomely awful.
I learned that's how most of the workouts are, but that's the way I like it!
I also finally learned that I like to lift.  I like it a lot.  It makes me feel empowered.

 Crossfit Vapor had a winter nutrition seminar and I decided in March that eating healthy really DID make me feel better and it really DID help me perform better in my workouts. 
I cleaned up my eating even more and totally stopped counting calories.  The fuel you feed your body sure does make a difference in how you feel, think, and perform.
I hit another power clean max at 155 pounds.

In April I did a 275 pound deadlift that was super exciting for me.
I did sit ups without peeing, 24" box jumps without whimpering, and burpees like a pro.

  And I participated in the Crossfit Open Games.  I participated with a quarter of a million other people around the world and it was incredible.  It helped me push harder than I normally would have and I worked harder than I thought I could work.
After one of the Crossfit Games Open workouts.
In May I worked on double under jump ropes and still had to run to the bathroom in between sets. 
I did the FRAN workout again and did it RX (as prescribed) in 6:38.  A major improvement from my FRAN time and skill level from a few months before. 
I learned that sometimes my body hurts, but that my mind is stronger.

I realized I LOVED my time at Crossfit Vapor. 
I love the fun relationships I have made there.  There is something great about doing something hard with others and getting through it.  It binds you.
I love being stronger.
I love being able to do more.
I love pushing myself.
I love back squats and front squats!

Back squats aren't awful anymore because I finally have some muscle back there for the bar to rest on. Although Matt makes fun of my football player neck and shoulders!
Sometimes I even love it when my body hurts so badly,
I wake up and know I am still alive because I can feel sore muscles.
Or sore hands, or healing rope burns, or stiff knees.
And I love sleeping like a rock.

In June I went to the Regional Crossfit Games and saw some incredible athletes compete to go to the World competition.  I was inspired, I was in awe, I was so proud to be a part of something so great, I was amazed, my heart was filled with pride and compassion for all of the athletes that competed that weekend and sometimes came up short.

 I saw and felt the vision of Crossfit.  And yes, I am a crybaby.  I cried. A few times.  When that last guy crossed the finish line and everyone in the stands was cheering and clapping for him and the athletes that had already finished, congratulated him, I cried.  When that one gal couldn't get one last rope climb in before the time clock sounded, I felt that frog in my throat and a few tears leaked out.  It was wonderful.

In July I ran my first 5K EVER and I didn't even die!  My name is on that board in 39th place.  Of course I didn't kill it, but I did it in under 29 minutes.  That was a big deal for me.
In July I also wore a swimming suit in public without being COMPLETELY MORTIFIED!
Just a little self conscious.
July was a good month, I also back squatted 195 pounds.

My one year of doing crossfit has been great.
It has made me a healthier, happier, stronger person.
Some times I rock the workout, and some days I just make it through the workout.
But I love going and I love seeing this:

And I love the feeling I feel when its over.
Stronger, faster, better, hungry.

This right here.  These scenes make me happy.  This is my happy place.
This is why I get out of bed at 5:30 in the morning. 
I love to sweat and laugh and grunt and yell with the people that come to my happy place with me.

So, here's to another year of Crossfit Vapor.
Happy Anniversary to us.


 Last week everyone set new goals to hit by January 1st.
My goals are 50 double under jump ropes and a 300 pound deadlift.
Its going to be great.  I'm going to continue to learn and improve.
And continue loving my five hours a week at Vapor.

Monday, August 11, 2014


The August weather is incredible.
I dream about these sweet summer evenings all winter long.

School starts next week.
Kelsey goes to a new school for 7th grade, Kendal enters 3rd grade,
 and I lose my little man as well for Kindergarten.

We are busy living it up before next week rolls around,
when early mornings and homework rule our world.

Its been such a great summer break.
We participated in the HEBER UNPLUGGED incentive program.
It got us out of the house and had us do activities we wouldn't have done otherwise.
Like this rocking redneck outdoor fort Matt and Emmitt slept under the other night.

And checking out the crater in Midway.

And so many other fun activities we've done in our beautiful valley this summer.
Oh, I wish August could last all year long.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

here chicken chicken chicken

I bought some stain/paint/sealer type stuff for the chicken coop about 3 weeks ago.
I told Kelsey it was her job to get the coop done. 
She hated working in the heat, so she woke up early a few mornings to get it done.
This was in July, so by 9 am, it was warm. 

It took her a few painting episodes, but she is almost finished. 
 I told my friend Jen about her duty, so one morning Jen brought her son Jacob (who is Kelsey's age) over to help Kelsey paint.  She of course was mortified because she was in her pajamas and hadn't brushed her hair or teeth, but I think she secretly enjoyed it and she for sure appreciated the help.  Jen said Jacob set his alarm early that morning and asked her to drive him the 5 or 6 miles to our house so he could help.  What a sweet kid.

There is one spot she hasn't finished yet because the raspberries are right against it and in their ouchy, pokey prime, so she will have to get that spot in the fall. 
Kelsey is a sweet 12 year old and is such a great help to me. 
She is a real sweetheart too.
I can't wait when she tells the story in 15 years about how she had to paint the ENTIRE chicken coop by herself in the 100 degree weather facing near amputation by the raspberries, or her mom wouldn't feed her.  It will be a great story.
A few nights ago, we all went on a 20 minute bike ride and when we came home, feathers were everywhere.  The neighbor across the street has a dog that just couldn't bear the lure and temptation of a handful of fat plump hens in our yard eating bugs in the lush grass, so she burst through her electric fence and got two of our gals.  So, if anyone is getting rid of some laying hens, please let me know.  Our one last gal is so lonely, and I want some more eggs!
They will have a gorgeous newly painted home, and I promise to protect them from the vicious canine.  So does her owner.


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