Monday, August 11, 2014


The August weather is incredible.
I dream about these sweet summer evenings all winter long.

School starts next week.
Kelsey goes to a new school for 7th grade, Kendal enters 3rd grade,
 and I lose my little man as well for Kindergarten.

We are busy living it up before next week rolls around,
when early mornings and homework rule our world.

Its been such a great summer break.
We participated in the HEBER UNPLUGGED incentive program.
It got us out of the house and had us do activities we wouldn't have done otherwise.
Like this rocking redneck outdoor fort Matt and Emmitt slept under the other night.

And checking out the crater in Midway.

And so many other fun activities we've done in our beautiful valley this summer.
Oh, I wish August could last all year long.

1 comment:

Kerin said...

Oh yes, summer has certainly speed by.
Hard to believe all the kids will be in school soon. They start here on Thursday!!!
I heard it's due to the fact that they want an extra long Christmas break?!

Your kids are growing like weeds.
Nice to see their smiles, and it looks like they are really enjoying these last summer moments.

Smiles :)


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