Sunday, December 30, 2007

Does anyone else do stupid things besides me?

Have any of you ever procrastinated doing something and then totally regretted it? You know you should do it, but at that moment in time you really don't want to, although you know you should. Like when you are looking at your last roll of toilet paper in the entire house melt away so quickly and remember that the last time you were at Smiths you remembered you needed toilet paper while you were in the checkout line. You didn't want to go clear to the other end of the store to actually go get the toilet paper, even though you KNEW you should have, so you didn't. You just ignored that little voice and start unloading your items onto the conveyor belt while holding your 2 year olds hands away from all the magazines. Then as you are using your last 2 squares of TP you remember that you should have got that TP while you were shopping just so you wouldn't be in this predicament of rationing squares.
Well, I felt the stupidity of one of those moments today. My upper arms ache and so does my upper back today from taking down the trampoline mat yesterday. Yes, I waited until December 29th and the tramp was full of snow and ice to take it down.
The mat is over 9 years old, so why bother? But I did. Matt wanted to take the mat off in October and I told him we still had a bunch of good jumping days left since we had such a mild fall. Well, November rolled around and it was still pretty mild for awhile. The first snow came and melted and I thought to myself, "I should go take down that mat while it is nice outside" and didn't do anything about it, even though I knew better.
So yesterday I went outside after my parents left, shoveled the driveway and headed out to the tramp. I scraped off a good 4 or 5 inches of snow and came to a problem. That problem was a 4 inch thick ice chunk that happened to be 5 feet in diameter. The tramp was so weighed down with all that snow and ice that it was only 18" from the ground in the center of the tramp. That is what guilted me into getting the dang mat off anyway, seeing all the icicles hanging low under the mat.
Anyway, I figured I could take 1/3 or so of the springs off and then the ice chunk would slide off and I could finish taking the mat off. Well, that worked great for about 5 or 6 springs, and then they were so stinking tight that I could hardly get them off. I would grunt and pull and push and stretch those springs so far, but not quite far enough to get them free of the stinking 200 pound dead weight in the center of the tramp! I was working up a sweat so I took my coat off and I was working on a particularly hard spring when it finally gave way and I fell right on my hind end in the 10 inches of snow in my yard! Some of that 10 inches was stuff I scraped off the tramp a few minutes before! Dang! I looked to make sure the neighbors didn't see my amazing gracefulness!
I got about 1/3 of the springs off, all on the same side with only 1 left, right in the middle. That spring was sprung so far and was so tight! I hollered at Matt to come and help me. You should have seen the look on his face when I showed him my project. He was not impressed with the one lone spring I had left for him to get off for me. He grunted and grunted and with both of us forcing it, the spring came loose. The problem was that we had to stretch it so far to loosen it, it was pulled out really far and then sprung back together, with Matt's flesh stuck in between the rings of the spring! OUCH!! That of course had happened to me 15 times already, but I had gloves on and so it only caught the gloves, not my hands. My sweet Matty, he has marks to prove my stupidity and procrastination.
Once Matt and I got the last tight one off, Kelsey left her sled to come and help. She and I crawled under the tramp and pushed the far edge of the ice chunk up with our feet so it would slide off the tramp, just like my sweet little mind had planned. Well, we did have to break off some of the edges with my snow shovel. After the avalanche, it was a breeze. Kelsey and I finished taking off all the springs just in time for the wind to pick up.
I hate NOT doing something when I really know that I should, and here is another prime example of my stupidity. I hope I learn something from this! I sound like a parent don't I?

Kelsey and Kendal playing in the snow while I took a breather in between springs.
Kelsey and I finishing the job and learning a lesson!
Kendal was too happy to be outside to be helpful, she wanted to play and play.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dec 29th

Sweet little Kendal got Dora panties for Christmas. She LOVES Dora, so I thought this would be a good incentive to get going on the whole potty training thing. Plus, she can communicate so much better than just 2 weeks ago, so we are going to give it a whirl. Yesterday when she got out of the tub, I put them on her, she thought they were great.
She ran away from me, she wanted to leave them on, but I got a diaper and clothes on her pretty quick. I have learned my lesson with her!
My parents came up to visit and spend the night last night. It was really fun to have them here. The girls loved it. Kelsey wrestled and teased and chased and Kendal liked all the commotion. When Grandpa would sit down after chasing with Kelsey, Kendal would claim him by crawling up in his lap and say "BampPa." They loved having Grandma here too. Kendal liked wearing Grandma's boots and Kelsey liked playing games with Grandma.

See how my mom's feet are naked? Kendal stole her boots!
It was a great time having my parents here and Kelsey had to show them EVERYTHING she and her sister got for Christmas. They left today around noon to go to my sister Tori's house for the rest of the day and spend the night there too. Thanks for coming to visit mom and dad!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

All we have been doing for the past 2 days is cleaning up and playing with new toys. Kendal got a Raggedy Ann doll that straps to your feet so you can dance with her. My girls have been dancing and dancing and dancing.

I will have to get a picture of the threesome doing ring around the rosies - so cute!

You never knew Raggedy Ann was a pirate did you? Kelsey is telling me "Yo ho ho."

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas 2004, Kelsey got her first kitchen at age 2!

Christmas 2005 is lost, but 2006 was the ball pit year, they loved it.
Christmas 2007, my girls both got bikes. Ages 5 and 2.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our Slammin' Jammin' Cheese Ball Eatin' Christmas

I had no problem going to bed last night, but when 5:00 hit this morning, I could hardly contain myself. I was so excited for my kids to see their fun things. I made myself lay still in bed, and eventually I dosed off again. I woke up again and again happy with anticipation, at at 7:30 I couldn't take it anymore. Neither could Matt, he had been awake for awhile too. He plugged in the lights, we both got dressed, brushed our teeth, and we were making our bed when Kelsey strolled in. This morning was the first morning in about a year Kelsey has beaten Kendal out of bed. Kendal is ALWAYS awake and at it before her big sister.
Anyway, Kendal was up in no time and Kelsey was so excited. When Kendal saw her new bike, she dove out of my arms and nearly did a header to get to it!
Kelsey had left a note for Santa in her stocking, so she made sure to check it pretty early. When I was little, we once forgot about our stockings until that afternoon!
Kelsey got a sewing box FILLED with sewing goods from my mom. She loves it and is ready to get going on a project!
Matt's favorite gift this year was a Thompson Center Omega 50 caliber laminated, thumb hole stock muzzle loader. He was VERY happy about this little beauty. I say beauty, because it really is, I must admit. The laminated stock shows the gorgeous wood grain, and it is nice!
One of Kelsey's favorite gifts this year was from Santa and it is a Littlest Pet Shop Digital Pet Duck. She has been so busy with it all day. Who knew?
Kendal got a great John Deere transporter full of tractors from my dad. She loves it and even makes the sounds! The speech therapist will be happy about that!
But Kendal's favorite gift this year is definitely her aquadoodle. Thanks for the idea Krista! She has been drawing ALL day.
It looks as if Santa's sleigh tipped over at our house. Thanks everyone for your sweet gifts and all the fun.
The Proctors came over around noon today. They got to talk with their missionary son Phillip who is in Hawaii today. That was very exciting for them. They brought some yummy food over and we had a nice little unplanned potluck lunch that really hit the spot. They also brought over Guitar Hero.
We all had a good time watching and playing the guitars to some old songs that brought back some high school memories!
Debbie and I even played to Motley Crue's Shout at the Devil. We did awesome! Matt and I also had a little duel. So darn funny!
Some of Derek's friends came over to play Guitar Hero too. We seriously played for a good 5 hours this afternoon. These are some of the boys that shot their bows and arrows all summer with Matt outside. They are good kids and nice guys to have around the neighborhood.
Now my little darlings are watching Kelsey's new movie Barbie as the Island Princess in their new chairs Santa brought. It is time to wind down. I got a really great foot soaker/massager that I am so ready to put to use tonight. Matt got me some really nice new speakers for my computer too, so now I get to hear my blog music in surround sound!! Why does Tom Petty always come up? I really think I get that one more than any other song. There is a story to that song, I listened to Tom Petty for an entire week once on a fire out by Oak City. Kinda killed me on Tom Petty, but it reminds me of the good ol days fighting fire.
We sure hope everyone had a super Christmas, we sure did!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Our Christmas Eve

Around 5:00 pm on Christmas Eve, it decided to stop snowing. I decided to go out and shovel. Poor Kendal, I haven't let her out in the snow very much this winter, so I got her bundled up to go out with me. Of course that means Kelsey is coming too! Well, I couldn't pass up a good opportunity with my sweet daughters. There was fresh snow on the sidewalks, so I took them both for a little ride, me being the horse in the 'one horse open sleigh.' I pulled them around for awhile, even running until my lungs burned. Unfortunately, that didn't take long!

Kelsey pulled Kendal around our yard while I finally got to shoveling the driveway.

They were both frozen, but VERY happy!

This is how happy Kendal was to play outside in the "no." Yes, she actually said it. I love it. She also said "amen" a few nights ago after our family prayer. Yes, things are looking up for her and us all! Actually, her speech has really exploded lately. She has open, off, on, help, drink, more, want that, Kelsey, and a few more really good words down pretty well. Of course, they are not that clear, but that is what she is saying.
Derek the 15 year old neighbor boy came over with his 4 wheeler and plow, and Kendal LOVES 4 wheelers. She did get a nice little ride up the road and back.
Here is Derek thrilling the chillens! He was pulling them up the driveway, up the snow hill he and I have made from all the snow off of the driveway, and then back around again. They actually caught some air and loved it.
You can barely see Derek in this picture, but he is pulling them up and over the jump. Kelsey squealed with delight and Kendal just wouldn't get of the sleigh, she wanted more!
Well, after a little nativity story and music, the sweet ones are in bed, Matt is crashed on the couch listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing him Christmas carols, and I am waiting for them to be sound asleep before Santa arrives! I hope I wore them out enough tonight so that they will sleep well!
Merry Christmas everyone, and remember to celebrate the birth of our Savior, not just the arrival of Santa.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

Dinner for 6

I am a little late posting tonight because I have been out on the town. Well, not really, but it sure feels like it. I went out to dinner with some girlfriends and it was wonderful to get out of the house, alone. These ladies are my playgroup friends. There are a few friends missing. It is just a busy time of year. We have playgroup on Friday mornings with our kids. It is a fun little group we have and I enjoy their friendship very much. Kelsey loves the kids we play with too.

Tonight we ate good food, talked about labor, vacations, Christmas plans, the housing market, painting the inside of our homes, and we had a little present swap. It was a good time. Adree, if you read this, we sure missed you!!

Heather, Wendy, Jen, Heidi, Me, and Brittany, we are all mothers of two children, for now anyway. No, that is not a hint, we were assured that none of us are pregnant. The picture is a bad picture, sorry, but the lighting and our waiter were not that helpful either. Jen, you said you would have red eye and you do, you look a little evil!

Thanks for a good time ladies and a nice get away for the evening!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Baby Lilly

My sister in law Amanda had a sweet baby girl on December 13th. They named her Lilly and here she is at 9 pounds and 21 inches long. Hooray for Mace and Amanda.
Her two big sisters are so happy about their new little sister. Look at those grins!
Here is the quilt I am making for Lilly. You can't see it very well but it has baby Strawberry Shortcakes on it. It looks cuter in real life. I was hoping to have it done before she was born, but Christmas makes things crazy. I have the top done and I pieced the back together last night. Now all I have to do is quilt it. Easier said than done unfortunately!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Goose or Gander, or What?

Last night a few friends got together at my house for dinner. It was delicious! I love it when other people cook and I get to take full advantage of their talents.
Jen and Brian, Mark and Amanda, Brittany (we missed you Richard), and Matt and I all enjoyed a fabulous dinner and the company was amazing!

Brittany's husband Richard stayed home with the sweet little baby girl so Brittany could come and play with us for awhile. Thanks Richard for sharing her with us, it was good to chat with you Brittany. It had been WAY too long! After we let dessert settle and got the children to bed, we had a nice old fashioned time. No high tech games, movies, or entertainment for us. No, we had some good old fashioned fun like our grandparents, no wait, our great grandparents used to, with a few friendly leg wrestles. I hate to admit being inferior, but I was beaten. Amanda flipped me twice. Okay, so maybe they were not full fledged flips, but yeah, she rolled me good. She also got Jen too, so I don't feel too horrible about it all. The ladies did another old fashioned thing too, we let the guys win. Brian is the proud owner of the "champ" title for the evening. Maybe I will practice up and give him a run for his money at the next little get together. Amanda, I will be ready for you next time too!

Heather and Lyn, we missed you guys too. Here is a picture of the duck, goose, whatever waterfowl it may be, that adorned our buffet table. We did it in honor of Heather. You will have to read her blog to hear the whole story. But anyway, here is the duck or pheasant (kidding, I know the difference) by the very empty dish of what used to be green beans. I didn't get a picture of the good looking 1987ish old gal when the table was full of food, just when I was cleaning up. We love you Heather.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another present finished!

I just sent off my sister in law's Christmas present in the mail today. I finished this cute, well, I think it is cute, table runner for her today. I copied this idea from my cute friend Brenda Wilcox. I saw the fabric and thought instantly of my sister in law Angie. I hope she likes it.

I love the fabric and the colors. The lady that came up with this fabric for Moda is Kathy Schmitz and I actually got to meet her when I went to a huge sewing/quilting convention near Seattle last spring. I was shopping in the vendor mall at the convention and saw her stuff from a long ways away. I had to get closer and look at her fun primitive designs. I loved her stuff then and I love it now. I guess that is why when I saw Brenda's table runner, I was instantly in love.
It looks so good on my table I am tempted!!


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