Monday, December 24, 2007

Our Christmas Eve

Around 5:00 pm on Christmas Eve, it decided to stop snowing. I decided to go out and shovel. Poor Kendal, I haven't let her out in the snow very much this winter, so I got her bundled up to go out with me. Of course that means Kelsey is coming too! Well, I couldn't pass up a good opportunity with my sweet daughters. There was fresh snow on the sidewalks, so I took them both for a little ride, me being the horse in the 'one horse open sleigh.' I pulled them around for awhile, even running until my lungs burned. Unfortunately, that didn't take long!

Kelsey pulled Kendal around our yard while I finally got to shoveling the driveway.

They were both frozen, but VERY happy!

This is how happy Kendal was to play outside in the "no." Yes, she actually said it. I love it. She also said "amen" a few nights ago after our family prayer. Yes, things are looking up for her and us all! Actually, her speech has really exploded lately. She has open, off, on, help, drink, more, want that, Kelsey, and a few more really good words down pretty well. Of course, they are not that clear, but that is what she is saying.
Derek the 15 year old neighbor boy came over with his 4 wheeler and plow, and Kendal LOVES 4 wheelers. She did get a nice little ride up the road and back.
Here is Derek thrilling the chillens! He was pulling them up the driveway, up the snow hill he and I have made from all the snow off of the driveway, and then back around again. They actually caught some air and loved it.
You can barely see Derek in this picture, but he is pulling them up and over the jump. Kelsey squealed with delight and Kendal just wouldn't get of the sleigh, she wanted more!
Well, after a little nativity story and music, the sweet ones are in bed, Matt is crashed on the couch listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing him Christmas carols, and I am waiting for them to be sound asleep before Santa arrives! I hope I wore them out enough tonight so that they will sleep well!
Merry Christmas everyone, and remember to celebrate the birth of our Savior, not just the arrival of Santa.


Jenny said...

Ho ho ho... Merry Christmas.

I am going to go and wrap the first Christmas Present to be opened. A picture of Christ. We always need help to remember to put Christ first and it's nice to see that he was the first gift on Christmas day.
Love the pictures of "the girls" with Derek. What a kid!

mindy said...

Merry Christmas to the Cranes in Heber! Sounds like you had a great evening. There is nothing better than sleigh riding for kids. Santa has come and gone, so it's off to bed. Be glad that you aren't driving home tomorrow. It took us 1 hour and 45 minutes to get home from Salina. The roads were snow packed and the wind was blowing the snow and we couldn't see. We just hoped if we went off the road it was in a flat spot! Hope you guys have a good day tomorrow! Talk to you later.

Love the pictures, especially Kendal's rosie cheeks!

rachel said...

cute idea, the first present of Christmas day Jen
Sorry about all the fun driving Mindy!


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