Monday, August 29, 2011

This is the Place civil war adventure

These photos have been uploaded for 2 weeks just waiting for me to write and explain them. Don't think that is going to happen, so here you go friends - this was our wonderful Voices of the Civil War event at This is the Place Heritage Park in August.  Great great times, great friends, great memories, great experiences.
That is about all you get out of me this time around!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

new dress, coming up!

 This is what I will be doing the rest of the evening - finishing the waistband first, 

and then sewing this (up above) to this (down below).

 So if anyone has a good chick flick, bring it and come on over!!  It might be a long night.  Oh wait, I need to make a collar too . . .  bring 2 or 3 movies over!

 We are headed to Voices of the Civil War at This is the Place Heritage Park this weekend.  It is going to be a great time!!  Come see us if you get a chance!

Monday, August 08, 2011

A very random week at our house

 My sweet little girls the other day at Soldier Hollow - we are gearing up for a great event come Oct 1st!

 The fair was last week and my sweet Kelsey made herself a skirt which earned a blue ribbon and she also made her Julie doll a matching skirt that was selected to go to the state fair.  She is such a good little seamstress.  We went and picked our things up at the exhibit hall today and she made $15.00 this year at the fair! 

 Emmitt and Kendal played Scooby Doo cards this afternoon while I sewed buttons onto my new civil war bodice.  I am trying to get it finished for Civil War Days at This is the Place Heritage Park this weekend.  If you all need some good times this weekend, head on up to This is the Place!

 Emmitt and Kendal slept out on the tramp by themselves last night.  I was so worried I checked on them 4 times in the night!  They just hunkered down and slept the night away.  Kelsey and I slept out with them the night before and it was a long long night for me!  I swear mothers don't really get to sleep when camping or doing fun things like that because we are so worried about our kids - making sure their covers are on, making sure the cat is not sleeping on their head, making sure their bag is zipped up, making sure that groan in the night didn't really mean anything, etc etc!

 So, with the fair over, I get to add this quilt to my bed.  It is starting to get chilly here at night.  It breaks my little heart.  Summer wasn't that hot this year, and I am grateful for that, but I want it to stay for another 4 months or so!  I needed to add another blanket to our bed anyway, and since I picked this one up from the fair, that it where it went for now.  It is not really big enough for my queen bed, but it is fun to look at for now.
This quilt has taken me a year to complete - ridiculous!  It is a good thing the fair comes around every year so I can complete at least one quilt.  This sweet thing has been waiting for its binding for about 5 months now, and it finally got bound last week - in time for the fair!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Last weekend my sister Tori, my mom Buttons, and I went to the Sandy Amphitheater for The Music Of ABBA by The Arrival.  We purchased tickets at least a month ago and we figured if we arrived an hour early we would get some sweet general admission seats.  WRONG!  We still had nice seats, but since the Sandy 5th Ward Dance Company sat in front of us, well, we couldn't see the stage.

I grew up listening to ABBA since it is my parents' music.  I also grew up listening to CCR, Fleetwood Mac, and all of those fun bands, along with some wonderful Marty Robbins.  Anyway, we all (spouses included!) went to Mamma Mia The Musical a few years ago and it was so fun, so we jumped at the chance to hear it all again live.

We took a bunch of pictures at intermission and they were not working out so well so we decided a few silly ones would turn out crazy anyway, so that is what we did.  We were laughing so hard, we made a scene.  The Sandy 5th Ward fellas that had been ousted by their dancing queen wives offered to take a few pictures for us, but we declined - it was half of the fun!

So, here are the best of Tori, Buttons, and Rachel.  Dang we are sweet!  Thanks ladies for a fun fun night, even if my pasta was nasty!!


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