Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Last weekend my sister Tori, my mom Buttons, and I went to the Sandy Amphitheater for The Music Of ABBA by The Arrival.  We purchased tickets at least a month ago and we figured if we arrived an hour early we would get some sweet general admission seats.  WRONG!  We still had nice seats, but since the Sandy 5th Ward Dance Company sat in front of us, well, we couldn't see the stage.

I grew up listening to ABBA since it is my parents' music.  I also grew up listening to CCR, Fleetwood Mac, and all of those fun bands, along with some wonderful Marty Robbins.  Anyway, we all (spouses included!) went to Mamma Mia The Musical a few years ago and it was so fun, so we jumped at the chance to hear it all again live.

We took a bunch of pictures at intermission and they were not working out so well so we decided a few silly ones would turn out crazy anyway, so that is what we did.  We were laughing so hard, we made a scene.  The Sandy 5th Ward fellas that had been ousted by their dancing queen wives offered to take a few pictures for us, but we declined - it was half of the fun!

So, here are the best of Tori, Buttons, and Rachel.  Dang we are sweet!  Thanks ladies for a fun fun night, even if my pasta was nasty!!


Mom said...

When I look at these crazy pics, I laugh so hard. It was a great night.
Sorry your pasta was yuck. She warned ya Lololololol

ToRi and cReW said...

We are dorks!!!


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