Wednesday, October 08, 2014

a few quilts

Over the past two weeks I've finished up a few quilts that now need to go to the quilter.
I only started this Buggy Barn Friendship Quilt 6 or 7 years ago!
I did decide its my claim to fame though.
My friend Jen and I wanted to make a friendship quilt together and we found this pattern and wanted to have one more gal in on the project.
There was a new quilt guild member that we decided we would ask to do it with us.
Her name is Natalia.
THE Natalia of Piece N Quilt who is now a published quilting author, national award winner, pattern designer, quilting magazine contributor, and on and on and on.  She is incredible.
And so now I think I'm awesome because she made some of these blocks with my friend Jen and I when she was just starting this wonderful time and money sucking hobby! 

She has built an amazing business and career with her quilting talents and I'm still trying to find enough time to piece together quilt tops!
But its good, its what I can handle.
So, thanks Jen and Natalia!  Its finally finished!

Last winter at one of our guild meetings my friend and neighbor Debbie gave a fun fun lesson on log cabin quilts.  I have always loved the pattern of log cabin quilts, and I've always wanted to make one, so Debbie gave me the inspiration to finally get busy.
I pieced all the blocks together last winter and I couldn't decide which layout I wanted to go with, so I put them all away.

I got them out last week and sewed them up in the Streak of Lightning arrangement and I really like it.  I love traditional quilts in boring deep, dark colors, so this is perfect for me!
These pictures were from quilt guild last week with crazy lighting, and the picture below is crazy lighting in my bedroom.  The real colors are something in between.

I made it plenty big!
Now I need to get a backing ready, and then I'll have another quilt to bind in no time.
I love fall sewing weather!


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