Saturday, October 31, 2009


My parents celebrated their 39th anniversary yesterday. WOW! They were both little baby 17 year olds when they got married. They were in love then and they are still in love now. My parents are such great examples of being one in marriage and yet separate individuals. They spend quality time together and enjoy it, yet they enjoy spending time apart pursuing their own interests.

They are wonderful parents, amazing grandparents, and just wonderful people. Happy Anniversary you two! Thanks for your sweet example of love.

Today marks another anniversary. Today is the 7th anniversary of moving into our house. Yep, Halloween night 7 years ago we moved in. Can you believe we had trick of treaters then? I remember sitting in a pile of my junk in the front room that had just been moved in that day and we had kids wanting candy. I looked around for something to give them and I think I found something, not sure how good or fresh it was!
Anyway, 7 years. I like our little house. We love living here in this valley and especially our neighborhood. We have super neighbors and great people all around us.

So, here is a picture of my sister Tori and baby Kelsey in the living room before we moved in.

Here is the living room the day we moved in, October 31st 2002.

Well, there is ALOT more dust now and look at how clean the carpet used to be!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10 days, maybe a little more

Okay father, it has been about 10 days since my last confession . . . .

The obsession rages on!

This picture was taken on Oct 15th when my friend Amanda and I dressed up and went to visit an older lady in the neighborhood that LOVES Gone with the Wind. Her name is Elaine and she was 5 years old when the movie was made. It was such a crack up to see the look on her face when she opened the door - AWESOME! We chatted for awhile and then Amanda played some Civil War era songs on her hammer dulcimer for us. It was gorgeous music. Elaine loved our visit and I think she appreciated us silly 'girls' spicing up her afternoon.

Now, what else have I been up to this past 10 days? Sewing 1860s clothing and spending way too much time online looking things up! I bought and made a 'drawers and chemise' pattern and made myself some authentic 1860s underwear. Did you know that the crotch is split almost the entire way around?!?!? Seriously, from the front to the rear waistband there is only 4 inches of sewn up seam. The rest is open. Why you ask? Because when a proper lady had on a corset that went over her underwear, she didn't want to scrape through her dress, petticoats, undo that blasted corset just to drop her drawers in the bathroom. She simply (I say simply because I have not yet tried it) lifted all of her skirts and used that nice open crotch to do her business. Not a trap door, but a completely open deal.

I have also made a few petticoats, a few half length capes for the cold, and I am currently working on a skirt. Boy, it seems like I have been busier than that, but that is what it amounts to. I will post some pictures soon. I received a patten in the mail today. This one:

Yeah, I am going to make this pretty 1860s day dress. I think it is fabulous. Oh, did I mention that I am joining the army?? Yeah, I am, sorta. I am joining the Utah Civil War Association. Pretty cool huh? My first journey back in time will be for the Veteran's Day parade in Ogden on November 7th. I tell everyone that this is my 'mustering in' day. The association was asked to march in the parade to honor all past war veterans. I get to march too. I am pretty excited. That is why I am sewing like crazy - so I will have something to wear for the parade!

The Utah Civil War Association has a website and also a fun fun blog with great pictures. Check them out. and

Okay, what else have we been up to in Heber City? Let's see. Emmitt just hit 7 months old and the little lad is walking all along the couch and has no fear to turn around and let go. He is killing me! My baby does not want to be a baby! We love him to pieces. Actually, the other day Kendal had a blanket over her head like a wedding veil, walked up to him and said in a little sweet voice "Wanna det mawwied Emmitt?" Translation - Want to get married Emmitt?

Matt has been busy with all the fall herd work the ranchers and cowmen need to get done. His days off are not really days off. We are not complaining, he loves it. Kelsey is busy with school and boy has the homework finally hit. Her spelling words last week were step, steep, weed, speed, etc. This week they are determination, combination, explore, organize, etc. What the heck? She is in SECOND GRADE!

Oh yeah, what do you think of my new hair do?

Friday, October 16, 2009


This afternoon I went to Smith's Fuel Center to get gas in my car. The 'low fuel' light has been on for a few days. I know this would send my mom into a panic. We grew up with it drilled in our heads that you didn't let your car or truck get under 1/2 tank of gas. There was perfectly good reasoning to this too. Where I grew up, the gas stations close around 7 or 8 and back then the pumps didn't have a card reader. If the station was closed, you didn't get any gas. My mom's reasoning behind the 1/2 tank rule was that if there was an emergency in the middle of the night, you could make it to the nearest hospital (Richfield) in an hour with enough gas. Nowadays there are card reading gas stations at home, but still not a hospital!

Anyway, back to the Smith's Fuel Center. I had all my kids in the car and we were headed to the park on this beautiful afternoon. Everyone was in a good mood. When I pulled up in the bay, I noticed a truck one bay over. It was loaded to the hilt with big bags of wool. Yes wool, like sheared from a sheep wool. I little smile came over my face and I immediately had a few memories flood over me.

First memory - playing on some wool bags stacked in my dad's shop awaiting transport to somewhere. There were a crowd of us jumping and climbing all over them and having a truly splendid time. I fell off and landed on my back on a board with a nail in it. I thought I was going to die. Seriously, I thought I was a dead little girl, and I acted that way too! I remember the feeling of disappointment when my mom inspected me and I didn't even loose any blood! Not even one dot!

Second memory - this is many memories all meshed together but I remember tromping wool with my cousins and getting ticks. We used to hang a big tall wool bag up on one end, it seemed like 30 feet long but it was probably 10 or 12 feet maybe. My dad, uncles, and grandpa would gather the wool they sheared off the sheep and throw it into the bag with us silly girls in the bottom of the bag. We would giggle and work the wool down from over our heads, down to our chests, past our knees, and finally "tromp" the wool with our feet. The purpose of our very important job was to smash as much wool as we could into one bag. After a day of tromping wool, we would be checked for ticks. I remember one at the nape of my neck and one in my forearm. Funny the things we remember. I also think my tromping wool days has something to do with my EXTREME claustrophobia!

Back to the fuel center -
All of these memories plus more (the first time my brother got to shear and the blood that spewed forth from that poor sheep) ran through my head as I was punching in my pin number along with all the other numbers I have to push into that dang machine just to get some gas. I put the nozzle in my tank and walked over to the truck with a big smile on my face. I knocked on the passenger window to a lady that was in her 60s. She opened the door and I said "Are those wool bags?" She smiled and said "yes." Then I did something that would have embarrassed Matt to the very core if he would have been there. I said "Can I just have a little wiff. That is my childhood and I want to smell it." She started laughing and said "Sure, just grab a handful." I replied with "No, I just want to sniff it."

I walked to the back of the truck and looked for a good spot to shove my nose. There just happened to be a little 2 inch tear in one of the bags. I took a deep breath and smelled it, then grabbed a little pinch of it. I walked back to the passenger window, knocked, and showed her my pinch of wool. She smiled a super sweet smile and apparently she was explaining it all to her husband because he was climbing in the truck laughing.

I got in my car after I took care of the gas thing and just rubbed that little bit of my childhood through my fingers. I could smell it, I could feel the silkiness and softness of the lanolin immediately, I could feel the courseness of the texture, and I started to get a big lump in my throat and a little tear ran out of the corner of my eye. What super memories I have of those days.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Since our Gone with the Wind escapade I am completely obsessed. I mentioned my friend Amanda. Her family is involved with Civil War reenactments. A few weeks ago, she came over and had me try to fix a Civil War dress she bought online that was a little too big for her. I tried to fix it and I suppose I did okay. I hope she wants to wear it at least! Anyway, since then and also since our girls night with Scarlet O'Hara, I can't get those awesome dresses out of my mind.

Last night I spent, no joke, about 5 hours online looking for old time dress patterns. I want to make something so badly!! (the aprons are finished, why not start another project?) I have another friend Heather who's family is involved with old west rendezvous. She gets to wear fun old dresses too! I would love to start going to rendezvous with our little family. If only I get Matt's brothers to do it, then we could too! Yes, that is how that works. Matt and his brothers are connected at the hip these days. And that not a bad thing, I love it that he is getting so close with his siblings.

Anyway, last night I found an amazing lady. Her name is Katherine and she makes her own costume dresses. She is, well, there is no word for it. Look at these pictures of her and a few of the dresses she has made.

She calls this her 1860 Sheer Dress.

Turn of the 19th Century Riding Habit

This one is called a Janet Arnold Polonaise from the 1700s.

This is her 1880s bustle dress.

Isn't she incredible?? She has made at least 40 dresses. You can see them at Click on costumes. She tries to be very period correct, even with the corsets, hoops, camisoles, pantilettes, shifts, and all the other underwear.

So, who needs a cool dress? Maybe I will make one for me. But then where would I wear it??

Sunday, October 11, 2009


So I have been busy making aprons and I told you I would share them with you. We are making these for what used to be called Enrichment Meeting, but now it is called just plain old Relief Society Meeting. We have a sewing group and we have a blast. This is our winter project, well, and finishing up all those other unfinished sewing projects too.

I named this apron pattern Kristi's Kitchen.
My fave - it turned out super cute and is pretty easy.

This apron pattern should be named 'man this one took forever' but it is really named Rachel's Cafe. I like it so so.

This one is named Amanda's Diner.
I love love love the halter top and the pink is so fun.

These pictures got posted on the bulletin board in the hallway of church today.
We will see what kind of turn out we have with this sewing project!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Rachel's Evenings

Monday evening consisted of Matt getting home late, a 7 minute Family Home Evening, and that is about it.

Tuesday evening I spent watching Kendal run around the little soccer field. She is either in the scrap of things with all the kids and the ball, or on the opposite side of the field in la la land. Next year will be better I tell myself.

I spent Wednesday evening at the church teaching another ward's Young Women how to sew up a cute little bag. I think they turned out darling. The 12 year olds thought they did too!

Thursday evening I spent the night frolicking around in my old prom dress - hoop skirt and all.

I have been thinking for a few weeks that I should really watch the movie Gone with the Wind. I have never seen it before and I figured it was about time. Then I went to a lady's house to deliver something and I got a tour of all her Gone with the Wind doll and book collections. That did if for me, I needed to see the movie. So I got it at the library and told my friend Amanda that I was going to watch it. Well, we planned a girls night at the movies at Jen's house and the rest is history.

Amanda and I dressed up in our hoop skirts and went to Jen's house last night. Amanda's family is involved in Civil War reenactments, so she has some amazing clothing to wear, hoop skirts and all. She wore one of her Civil War dresses and I donned my prom dress from 1992.

Amanda came to my house to pick me up last night and my girls could not get over mom being a princess. Kendal kept saying "I want that princess dress mom." Kelsey was just giddy with all her girliness over me and the big dress. Kendal kept climbing under my hoop and so Matt took a picture of the girls under my dress before we made it to the movie night.

Jen was surprised to see Amanda and I all decked out, and of course we spent a good 45 minutes of our movie night in front of the camera.

Actually, we spent more time than that in front of the camera. After the first 2 hours of Gone with the Wind an amazing thing happens - INTERMISSION. That was our cue to stop for the evening and continue acting like 14 year olds.
We figured out the timer on Amanda's camera and this is the result - a sweet cheerleader pyramid! We would set the camera on the dresser, run for the bed, get in position amongst giggles, and smile big for the camera! We didn't get any pictures of the head stand war, be grateful.

I have spent Friday evening with my entire family in bed and asleep by 9:15 while I play on the computer. I am going to go sew in a minute. I am making the cutest aprons for Enrichment. What a sweet week. Dang, tomorrow brings a 9:00 am soccer game!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


To the hoity-toity, fancy-schmancy shop owner next to the county parks and rec dept,

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate the redecoration of your snooty, tooty store. I noticed the redec change when I dropped my 7 year old daughter off today to her parks and rec ceramics class. The part we all noticed (my 4 year old daughter also) was the removal and rearrangement of some of the large posters on the exterior windows. I was quite pleased that I no longer have to see the poster of the "pretty lady with no panties" as my 2 daughters have named it.

Yeah, try explaining to my sweet little ones why a pretty lady in designer sunglasses, gorgeous hair, puckered up lips, and a painted on t shirt isn't wearing panties. When you are done with that, explain to them why they have to see it. Does it help you sell more BLING BLING Belts, more Wild and Sassy Candles, or more Love Your Pet Crystal Collars?

Did the county parks and rec ask you to take it down since EVERYONE that enters the parks and rec dept must walk past that poster to enter? Or was it the preschool staff RIGHT NEXT DOOR that also has their 3 year old students walk past it to enter their happy little learning center? Or did you realize that it was completely inappropriate all by yourselves? Either way, thanks for removing the "pretty lady with no panties" poster, but I still have some explaining to do to my daughters.

Sincerely Yours,

Friday, October 02, 2009

At 5:30 pm yesterday this is what my house was like:

carrots in the pressure cooker on the stove top with 18 minutes to go

Matt's birthday cherry pie in the oven with 4 minutes to go

spaghetti on the stove top boiling

ground beef on the stove top browning

jerky drying in the dehydrator, but done and still going

Emmitt crying in the high chair

Kendal doing puzzles on the kitchen floor

one of the visiting teaching supervisors trying to call me to report for the month

Kelsey running around doing everything I tell her to do

Matt's birthday presents on the table still needing to be wrapped

At 8:30 pm this is what my house was like:

girls in jammies

presents unwrapped and everyone smiling

dinner long ago digested

carrots resting

pie on the verge of disappearing

jerky already packed for the big hunt this weekend

kitchen moderately cleaned up

living room perfectly cleaned up

everyone happy and getting ready for birthday pie and bedtime

Today at 7:00 am this is what my house is like:


Matt long gone for work

girls still asleep

Emmitt with a full tummy and back asleep

Rachel enjoying the silence of early morning and headed to the shower

Aaahhhhhh . . . .

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy Fall

What do you call 13 kids under the age of 7 with metal pokers and a fire?

sweet, cute and dangerous

What do you call those 13 kids plus one dad on the trampoline?

scrambled eggs

We had a few families over the other night for a treasure hunt, marshmallows, ghost in the graveyard, and a few fall/apple/pumpkin treats. It was a super fun night and nobody even got hurt! Emmitt was super good. He sat in the high chair and took it all in.
By the way, that is NOT a pink shirt he is wearing. It is a very masculine salmon/sandstone colored CAPITOL REEF NATIONAL PARK shirt.

I am wondering if I will ever get a picture of Kendal actually looking at the camera AND smiling at the same time. Thanks Talbots, Walls, Jones, and Rowsers for super fun evening.


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