Wednesday, October 07, 2009


To the hoity-toity, fancy-schmancy shop owner next to the county parks and rec dept,

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate the redecoration of your snooty, tooty store. I noticed the redec change when I dropped my 7 year old daughter off today to her parks and rec ceramics class. The part we all noticed (my 4 year old daughter also) was the removal and rearrangement of some of the large posters on the exterior windows. I was quite pleased that I no longer have to see the poster of the "pretty lady with no panties" as my 2 daughters have named it.

Yeah, try explaining to my sweet little ones why a pretty lady in designer sunglasses, gorgeous hair, puckered up lips, and a painted on t shirt isn't wearing panties. When you are done with that, explain to them why they have to see it. Does it help you sell more BLING BLING Belts, more Wild and Sassy Candles, or more Love Your Pet Crystal Collars?

Did the county parks and rec ask you to take it down since EVERYONE that enters the parks and rec dept must walk past that poster to enter? Or was it the preschool staff RIGHT NEXT DOOR that also has their 3 year old students walk past it to enter their happy little learning center? Or did you realize that it was completely inappropriate all by yourselves? Either way, thanks for removing the "pretty lady with no panties" poster, but I still have some explaining to do to my daughters.

Sincerely Yours,


Emiko said...

You tell em'!!! Proud of you!

Talbots said...

Sooooo glad that I live where I do. Sorry Rach, I only have to explain why teenagers stick their bare rear ends out the windows to the car behind them.

Tori said...

Love it! I HATE explaining such topics to Taylor. That one would be hard--she freaks out if when I am bent over-a little panty of mine shows.
Can't we keep our kids innocent as long as possible?

mom said...

You go Rach!
Good for you.

Anonymous said...
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