Friday, October 02, 2009

At 5:30 pm yesterday this is what my house was like:

carrots in the pressure cooker on the stove top with 18 minutes to go

Matt's birthday cherry pie in the oven with 4 minutes to go

spaghetti on the stove top boiling

ground beef on the stove top browning

jerky drying in the dehydrator, but done and still going

Emmitt crying in the high chair

Kendal doing puzzles on the kitchen floor

one of the visiting teaching supervisors trying to call me to report for the month

Kelsey running around doing everything I tell her to do

Matt's birthday presents on the table still needing to be wrapped

At 8:30 pm this is what my house was like:

girls in jammies

presents unwrapped and everyone smiling

dinner long ago digested

carrots resting

pie on the verge of disappearing

jerky already packed for the big hunt this weekend

kitchen moderately cleaned up

living room perfectly cleaned up

everyone happy and getting ready for birthday pie and bedtime

Today at 7:00 am this is what my house is like:


Matt long gone for work

girls still asleep

Emmitt with a full tummy and back asleep

Rachel enjoying the silence of early morning and headed to the shower

Aaahhhhhh . . . .


Tori said...

You are amazing!

Jenn said...

I have to tell you that I read this as 5:30 A.M. My thought process, 'Holy cow what time did she start those carrots. . .and she made a pie too . . . Rachel is so amazing. . .why is she cooking spaghetti?. . . she's making dinner so she can just warm it up later-- that's a good idea. . . Kendal is doing puzzles-- go back to bed girly. . . why on earth would someone think it is okay to call you at 5:30 in the morning!?.' It wasn't until then that I scrolled up to the top to figure out if I read the time wrong-- sure enough 5:30 PM. That's better. You're still pretty amazing though.

Spencer's Adventures said...


Lindsay said...

Wow! That is serious multi-tasking. Wish I was that good! That pie looks yummy too :-)

lela said...

Rachel, you are super amazing!

Epperson Family said...

Rachel, you are my Hero! That pie looked so good. Happy Birthday Matt!

Krista said...

Where on earth do you hide your cape? You really are supermom!

BTW...Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. As always, you are the best!


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