Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Since our Gone with the Wind escapade I am completely obsessed. I mentioned my friend Amanda. Her family is involved with Civil War reenactments. A few weeks ago, she came over and had me try to fix a Civil War dress she bought online that was a little too big for her. I tried to fix it and I suppose I did okay. I hope she wants to wear it at least! Anyway, since then and also since our girls night with Scarlet O'Hara, I can't get those awesome dresses out of my mind.

Last night I spent, no joke, about 5 hours online looking for old time dress patterns. I want to make something so badly!! (the aprons are finished, why not start another project?) I have another friend Heather who's family is involved with old west rendezvous. She gets to wear fun old dresses too! I would love to start going to rendezvous with our little family. If only I get Matt's brothers to do it, then we could too! Yes, that is how that works. Matt and his brothers are connected at the hip these days. And that not a bad thing, I love it that he is getting so close with his siblings.

Anyway, last night I found an amazing lady. Her name is Katherine and she makes her own costume dresses. She is, well, there is no word for it. Look at these pictures of her and a few of the dresses she has made.

She calls this her 1860 Sheer Dress.

Turn of the 19th Century Riding Habit

This one is called a Janet Arnold Polonaise from the 1700s.

This is her 1880s bustle dress.

Isn't she incredible?? She has made at least 40 dresses. You can see them at http://www.koshka-the-cat.com/. Click on costumes. She tries to be very period correct, even with the corsets, hoops, camisoles, pantilettes, shifts, and all the other underwear.

So, who needs a cool dress? Maybe I will make one for me. But then where would I wear it??


ourhaskellfamily said...

A couple in our old ward used to have "sense and sensibility" (and all those other movies like that) parties with their friends. She would sew outfits for her and her husband and then I think they had some others couples who got together for dinner and stuff all dressed up. Sounds like fun, but I'm not sure if my hubby would be into that.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the fact that you spent five hours on these websites. My heart just skipped a beat at that thought of it:) You would be so good at all that stuff. I love that bustle dress!! Let’s just make some sexy undergarments and then go from there!!!! LOL

Listen up Missy! I’ll tell you where you are going to wear it. You are going to join the Utah’s Civil War Reenactment Regiment!!!! I found the website to join last month just haven’t gotten on it. And now….I’m on it! It’s free! If we can just convince our hubby’s to go or even join. Let’s work on Matt’s brothers. Heather’s Mountain Man Rendezvous probably are more up his alley, either way…you and I are going to find some where to dress our selves up in hoop skirts with corsets and drawers with our kids and play history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must admit, doing it on the weekends with my family are some of my fondest memories. Such good quality time away from all the modern crazy stuff. You build such good friendships with other families and friends you meet. Give your family something in common to do together. Change it up a bit.

P.S. we need to go over to that ladies house dressed up. I could bring my Dulciimer and play her all those CW songs I learned. She would LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

I love the 1880's bustle dress. I need one to hide big butt under!

Anonymous said...

me too

Camille said...

Fun dresses!! But my fave is you in your prom dress... holy cow!! That brought back lots of fun memories!! And I must say, you look as GREAT in it now as you did for the prom!!

Epperson Family said...

You could always make one for me, I even have a great pattern you could use. It seems like I never have time anymore to anything I want to do!


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