Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10 days, maybe a little more

Okay father, it has been about 10 days since my last confession . . . .

The obsession rages on!

This picture was taken on Oct 15th when my friend Amanda and I dressed up and went to visit an older lady in the neighborhood that LOVES Gone with the Wind. Her name is Elaine and she was 5 years old when the movie was made. It was such a crack up to see the look on her face when she opened the door - AWESOME! We chatted for awhile and then Amanda played some Civil War era songs on her hammer dulcimer for us. It was gorgeous music. Elaine loved our visit and I think she appreciated us silly 'girls' spicing up her afternoon.

Now, what else have I been up to this past 10 days? Sewing 1860s clothing and spending way too much time online looking things up! I bought and made a 'drawers and chemise' pattern and made myself some authentic 1860s underwear. Did you know that the crotch is split almost the entire way around?!?!? Seriously, from the front to the rear waistband there is only 4 inches of sewn up seam. The rest is open. Why you ask? Because when a proper lady had on a corset that went over her underwear, she didn't want to scrape through her dress, petticoats, undo that blasted corset just to drop her drawers in the bathroom. She simply (I say simply because I have not yet tried it) lifted all of her skirts and used that nice open crotch to do her business. Not a trap door, but a completely open deal.

I have also made a few petticoats, a few half length capes for the cold, and I am currently working on a skirt. Boy, it seems like I have been busier than that, but that is what it amounts to. I will post some pictures soon. I received a patten in the mail today. This one:

Yeah, I am going to make this pretty 1860s day dress. I think it is fabulous. Oh, did I mention that I am joining the army?? Yeah, I am, sorta. I am joining the Utah Civil War Association. Pretty cool huh? My first journey back in time will be for the Veteran's Day parade in Ogden on November 7th. I tell everyone that this is my 'mustering in' day. The association was asked to march in the parade to honor all past war veterans. I get to march too. I am pretty excited. That is why I am sewing like crazy - so I will have something to wear for the parade!

The Utah Civil War Association has a website and also a fun fun blog with great pictures. Check them out. http://www.utcwa.org/ and http://www.utcwa.blogspot.com/

Okay, what else have we been up to in Heber City? Let's see. Emmitt just hit 7 months old and the little lad is walking all along the couch and has no fear to turn around and let go. He is killing me! My baby does not want to be a baby! We love him to pieces. Actually, the other day Kendal had a blanket over her head like a wedding veil, walked up to him and said in a little sweet voice "Wanna det mawwied Emmitt?" Translation - Want to get married Emmitt?

Matt has been busy with all the fall herd work the ranchers and cowmen need to get done. His days off are not really days off. We are not complaining, he loves it. Kelsey is busy with school and boy has the homework finally hit. Her spelling words last week were step, steep, weed, speed, etc. This week they are determination, combination, explore, organize, etc. What the heck? She is in SECOND GRADE!

Oh yeah, what do you think of my new hair do?


Anonymous said...

You look like you are having fun! I have always thought it would be so much fun to make a dress like that for Halloween. As for second grade, I remember Maren bringing home words and thinking "wow, if she has words like that now, what will she learn in high school?". Her words were like the ones we would get in high school.

mom said...

Its cool to see you so excited,I remember when you were like a teenager, and we would watch a old western movie,you always talked about the dresses with their bustles, and bonnets, and how much you liked them.
So, enjoy it all, and have fun, it looks like your having a great time, and wowowowo at your sewing abilities, making all those things.

mom said...

p.s. Love the hair!

Tori said...

I think the crotchless underwear had other "easy access" reasons! lol hello-quickie in the barn!
anyway, you amaze me and I think that you are awesome.

ourhaskellfamily said...

Looks like a fun new hobby. I am excited for you that you have found something else that you love to do. Moms need that sometimes. That is awesome about the parade and even better that you can make your own stuff.

LeEllen said...

The civil war era dresses look so great, even if they do have crotchless (or almost crotchless) underwear beneath them. I love the hair....and enjoy the parade!

Jenny said...

It has been way to long Friend! WHERE ARE YOU, I know you are busy but as of NOVEMBER 8th I need my friend back! Even if you are wearing crotchless underwear!
I am finding myself saying, "I use to have these great friends... what where their names????"
Maybe on the phone today you wanted to tell me about your HAIR!


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