Saturday, October 31, 2009


My parents celebrated their 39th anniversary yesterday. WOW! They were both little baby 17 year olds when they got married. They were in love then and they are still in love now. My parents are such great examples of being one in marriage and yet separate individuals. They spend quality time together and enjoy it, yet they enjoy spending time apart pursuing their own interests.

They are wonderful parents, amazing grandparents, and just wonderful people. Happy Anniversary you two! Thanks for your sweet example of love.

Today marks another anniversary. Today is the 7th anniversary of moving into our house. Yep, Halloween night 7 years ago we moved in. Can you believe we had trick of treaters then? I remember sitting in a pile of my junk in the front room that had just been moved in that day and we had kids wanting candy. I looked around for something to give them and I think I found something, not sure how good or fresh it was!
Anyway, 7 years. I like our little house. We love living here in this valley and especially our neighborhood. We have super neighbors and great people all around us.

So, here is a picture of my sister Tori and baby Kelsey in the living room before we moved in.

Here is the living room the day we moved in, October 31st 2002.

Well, there is ALOT more dust now and look at how clean the carpet used to be!


mom said...

Thanks Rachel.
It's been a great 39 years,,,but 39??? Wowowow, thats a long time.
Anyway, we have 3 great kids,and 7wonderful grandkids, so we must have done something right.

mom again said...

And the 3 wonderful daughter and sons inlaws aren't too shabby either.

Tacey said...

Your parents are great! I have always admired their love for each other. They always seem so happy. Happy Anniversary Marion and Buttons :)

Tori said...

We do have the best mom and dad ever!

Its crazy to see Kelsey that little! Seems like only yesterday.


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