Sunday, October 11, 2009


So I have been busy making aprons and I told you I would share them with you. We are making these for what used to be called Enrichment Meeting, but now it is called just plain old Relief Society Meeting. We have a sewing group and we have a blast. This is our winter project, well, and finishing up all those other unfinished sewing projects too.

I named this apron pattern Kristi's Kitchen.
My fave - it turned out super cute and is pretty easy.

This apron pattern should be named 'man this one took forever' but it is really named Rachel's Cafe. I like it so so.

This one is named Amanda's Diner.
I love love love the halter top and the pink is so fun.

These pictures got posted on the bulletin board in the hallway of church today.
We will see what kind of turn out we have with this sewing project!


thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

I like the picture of you holding up the rolling pin in the relief society pictures. Like your apron but with a pocket. Only people like Amanda and you other skinnies can wear the halter apron and look good in it. They are all very cute.

Talbots said...

So where do we place orders? The first was fave. The one you were wearing was cute until you said it took forever. That took all the fun out of it and I didn't even have to do it! Agreed, I couldn't pull offthe halter top, love the material though! You guys are so crafty! I look at material and never see anything as cute as you find. Maybe it just looks better when it is put together?

Spencer's Adventures said...

Those are all so cute! Talk my mom into making me one for Christmas!!!


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