Friday, April 25, 2014

mechanics hat for E

I bought this men's XL 100% wool sweater at the local thrift store last year.  I threw it in the washer with hot water and washed it, then dried it in the dryer.  I did that twice.  It felted that wool sweater, and of course shrunk it like crazy. 
I intended to make some cute little wool shoes out of it for Kenna for civil war events as well as everyday footwear.  That never happened.

Emmitt needs a sweet new hat for a civil war event we are headed to next week, so I got out that wool sweater, used this tutorial, and made this cute little thing for him.

Its a bit big for him, but that will have to be okay.
Its also quite cozy and warm, not the ideal summer cap for a sweet 1860s lad, but that will have to be okay as well.  I should make him another one out of a lighter fabric, but it was either wool or just quilting cotton, and that wouldn't work either. 

So, I guess his head will be cozy next week because he loves it.
He did have some Easter candy in his cheek for this photo, I promise there isn't an impacted tooth!
And Kenna had to give it a whirl as well.
We are getting ready for our big trip!  YIPPEE!!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My mom calls her 'nerdy techno baby' or something like that

Kenna loves my phone.  She loves anyone's phone.  She loves remotes.  She loves the computer.  She loves the ipad, Kindle, tablet, anything techno.
She is good at them too.  She can get to someone's games, Instagram, Facebook accounts, apps store, you name it, in no time.
If you are not careful, she may video you while you are putting on your makeup.
So, since I use my phone as a camera sometimes, she often messes up the cutest picture I intended to take because she wants my phone.  And cries.
Consequently, if I am not ready with my phone in camera mode, this cute picture can change

to this picture in about 1.2 seconds.

I am actually sort of concerned that Kenna will look back years from now at photos I took and think she had an awful time as a one year old and was a grumpy monster.
She really is a happy sweet girl,
unless she wants my phone.

This super cute girl was ready for church and looking so cute
until I got the phone out for a photo!

Same story, different day.
She wanted my phone.

 My super cheesy girl has turned from "cheese" to "whaaa!."
I hope she out grows this stage soon.
The other day she was looking so cute on my sewing table, just smiling and laughing and being cute.  I got my phone out to capture the darling moment, and this is what I got.

I did do a trick the other day when she was playing Batgirl.  I turned the screen view so she could see herself while I took this one.
No tears, but still not a great picture of my little Batgirl.

Monday, April 21, 2014

the usual egg coloring pictures

Easter is a favorite holiday, it might actually be my (gasp) favorite one of all!  Truly.  I have such great memories of Easter as a child, as a young married wife, and now with my own kids.  Playing in the dirt, playing with cousins and friends, rolling eggs down a clay hill, egg fights, drinking root beer and consequent burping contests (as a child!), paper plates and potato salad picnics, catching lizards, climbing rocks, just super great memories.

Anyway, some of the wonderful Easter memories include coloring eggs.  I loved coloring eggs with my siblings, and hopefully my own offspring will have delightful memories of it as well!

This year nobody ate a PAAS coloring tablet, nobody tipped over a tea cup full of dye, and nobody cried!  That's worth remembering!

Kenna loved touching and looking at her eggs.  She just couldn't get enough of them.  She was mesmerized.

Hopefully your Easter was lovely and you were able to bear the coloring eggs photos well.  They are so much sweeter in real life!  The kids AND the eggs!

Friday, April 18, 2014

afternoon tea

 Kendal, Emmitt, and I attended an 1860s era Afternoon Tea last week.  It was perfect weather thankfully.  Spring is a hard time to plan around, but it turned out perfect.

We were instructed in the finer points of the game GRACES.  I definitely need some practice, but Kendal and Emmitt did pretty good thanks to Mrs Grant. 

We left Kelsey and Kenna home, so just the three of us spent the day together.  We had to borrow some clothing for sweet Emmitt, since he has grown out of all the dresses he wore a few years ago.  And since he didn't get in any 1860s time last year, he didn't have anything that fit him.

The company was lovely.  I sure enjoy my time warp friends!
Victoria, Kimberli, and Kay were some of them in attendance. 

Kay hosted the party and made all the delicious treats.  She did such a great job.  Thanks so much Kay! 

For any 1860s purists, I really am working on getting a new head covering, and sweet spoon bonnet!  Can't wait!

Friday, April 04, 2014

making cookies

Yes, that is the cutest little pink apron you have ever seen!

I have sweet memories of making cookies when I was a little girl.
My mom would get out all the ingredients, let me measure them out and mix it all together, then my mom would return all the ingredients to their correct kitchen home while I wore out my arm stirring and stirring and stirring.  About the time she got everything put away, my little arm was totally given out and she would finish mixing it all into perfection.
Then we would use the double spoon method to get the dough onto the cookie sheet, and my mom would bake them and do the dishes.
Making cookies was such an easy thing for me back then.  I didn't have to round up all the ingredients, put them away, do dishes, clean up the table and counters, and I am pretty sure I disappeared until that timer buzzed and the cookies were done.  There wasn't even a mess to clean up!
The other day I was feeling the need for something sweet, and I had two little ones that wanted to help.  It was a sweet memory for me as I put the butter and cocoa and everything else needed in the pan for Kendal to whip up a batch of No Bake Cookies.
Thanks so much mom.  Hopefully my kids enjoy the process as much as I did.



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