Friday, April 18, 2014

afternoon tea

 Kendal, Emmitt, and I attended an 1860s era Afternoon Tea last week.  It was perfect weather thankfully.  Spring is a hard time to plan around, but it turned out perfect.

We were instructed in the finer points of the game GRACES.  I definitely need some practice, but Kendal and Emmitt did pretty good thanks to Mrs Grant. 

We left Kelsey and Kenna home, so just the three of us spent the day together.  We had to borrow some clothing for sweet Emmitt, since he has grown out of all the dresses he wore a few years ago.  And since he didn't get in any 1860s time last year, he didn't have anything that fit him.

The company was lovely.  I sure enjoy my time warp friends!
Victoria, Kimberli, and Kay were some of them in attendance. 

Kay hosted the party and made all the delicious treats.  She did such a great job.  Thanks so much Kay! 

For any 1860s purists, I really am working on getting a new head covering, and sweet spoon bonnet!  Can't wait!

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