Monday, April 21, 2014

the usual egg coloring pictures

Easter is a favorite holiday, it might actually be my (gasp) favorite one of all!  Truly.  I have such great memories of Easter as a child, as a young married wife, and now with my own kids.  Playing in the dirt, playing with cousins and friends, rolling eggs down a clay hill, egg fights, drinking root beer and consequent burping contests (as a child!), paper plates and potato salad picnics, catching lizards, climbing rocks, just super great memories.

Anyway, some of the wonderful Easter memories include coloring eggs.  I loved coloring eggs with my siblings, and hopefully my own offspring will have delightful memories of it as well!

This year nobody ate a PAAS coloring tablet, nobody tipped over a tea cup full of dye, and nobody cried!  That's worth remembering!

Kenna loved touching and looking at her eggs.  She just couldn't get enough of them.  She was mesmerized.

Hopefully your Easter was lovely and you were able to bear the coloring eggs photos well.  They are so much sweeter in real life!  The kids AND the eggs!

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