Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My mom calls her 'nerdy techno baby' or something like that

Kenna loves my phone.  She loves anyone's phone.  She loves remotes.  She loves the computer.  She loves the ipad, Kindle, tablet, anything techno.
She is good at them too.  She can get to someone's games, Instagram, Facebook accounts, apps store, you name it, in no time.
If you are not careful, she may video you while you are putting on your makeup.
So, since I use my phone as a camera sometimes, she often messes up the cutest picture I intended to take because she wants my phone.  And cries.
Consequently, if I am not ready with my phone in camera mode, this cute picture can change

to this picture in about 1.2 seconds.

I am actually sort of concerned that Kenna will look back years from now at photos I took and think she had an awful time as a one year old and was a grumpy monster.
She really is a happy sweet girl,
unless she wants my phone.

This super cute girl was ready for church and looking so cute
until I got the phone out for a photo!

Same story, different day.
She wanted my phone.

 My super cheesy girl has turned from "cheese" to "whaaa!."
I hope she out grows this stage soon.
The other day she was looking so cute on my sewing table, just smiling and laughing and being cute.  I got my phone out to capture the darling moment, and this is what I got.

I did do a trick the other day when she was playing Batgirl.  I turned the screen view so she could see herself while I took this one.
No tears, but still not a great picture of my little Batgirl.

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