Friday, April 25, 2014

mechanics hat for E

I bought this men's XL 100% wool sweater at the local thrift store last year.  I threw it in the washer with hot water and washed it, then dried it in the dryer.  I did that twice.  It felted that wool sweater, and of course shrunk it like crazy. 
I intended to make some cute little wool shoes out of it for Kenna for civil war events as well as everyday footwear.  That never happened.

Emmitt needs a sweet new hat for a civil war event we are headed to next week, so I got out that wool sweater, used this tutorial, and made this cute little thing for him.

Its a bit big for him, but that will have to be okay.
Its also quite cozy and warm, not the ideal summer cap for a sweet 1860s lad, but that will have to be okay as well.  I should make him another one out of a lighter fabric, but it was either wool or just quilting cotton, and that wouldn't work either. 

So, I guess his head will be cozy next week because he loves it.
He did have some Easter candy in his cheek for this photo, I promise there isn't an impacted tooth!
And Kenna had to give it a whirl as well.
We are getting ready for our big trip!  YIPPEE!!


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