Thursday, May 01, 2014

Easter at the Ranch

Once again we spent Easter at the ranch, well, Saturday anyway.  We had a fantastic time playing a killer game of townball in the sagebrush and rabbit brush flat, but we were too busy playing to take any photos.  So, its the usual 4 wheeling and egg rolling pictures.

 The weather was perfect with a gorgeous sun shining on us, and a little breeze when we needed it.  The wind blew a bit of course, but we didn't notice too much.  We enjoyed a delicious dutch oven chicken lunch cooked by Mark and Emiko with some salads to round us all out.  MMMMMMM.

Matt and I took a little ride to go check on some cows that were in another mountain pasture, and I made him stop so I could get a new homesteading photo.  I love love love old places.  All old things actually. There was actually still wallpaper up on the walls inside!

The kids had a blast playing with cousins, rolling eggs, enjoying an egg fight, and of course riding and driving in all the toys.

We had the usual Easter Egg hunt and this year I put money in the eggs I filled.  Not sure if it was a hit or not, but we were candied out!  Kenna was so excited, she loved finding the eggs and filling her basket.

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Its the first big outing of the year, great times with cousins, treats, good food, and good times with family.  I hope my kids have great Easter memories like I do.

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