Friday, October 09, 2009

Rachel's Evenings

Monday evening consisted of Matt getting home late, a 7 minute Family Home Evening, and that is about it.

Tuesday evening I spent watching Kendal run around the little soccer field. She is either in the scrap of things with all the kids and the ball, or on the opposite side of the field in la la land. Next year will be better I tell myself.

I spent Wednesday evening at the church teaching another ward's Young Women how to sew up a cute little bag. I think they turned out darling. The 12 year olds thought they did too!

Thursday evening I spent the night frolicking around in my old prom dress - hoop skirt and all.

I have been thinking for a few weeks that I should really watch the movie Gone with the Wind. I have never seen it before and I figured it was about time. Then I went to a lady's house to deliver something and I got a tour of all her Gone with the Wind doll and book collections. That did if for me, I needed to see the movie. So I got it at the library and told my friend Amanda that I was going to watch it. Well, we planned a girls night at the movies at Jen's house and the rest is history.

Amanda and I dressed up in our hoop skirts and went to Jen's house last night. Amanda's family is involved in Civil War reenactments, so she has some amazing clothing to wear, hoop skirts and all. She wore one of her Civil War dresses and I donned my prom dress from 1992.

Amanda came to my house to pick me up last night and my girls could not get over mom being a princess. Kendal kept saying "I want that princess dress mom." Kelsey was just giddy with all her girliness over me and the big dress. Kendal kept climbing under my hoop and so Matt took a picture of the girls under my dress before we made it to the movie night.

Jen was surprised to see Amanda and I all decked out, and of course we spent a good 45 minutes of our movie night in front of the camera.

Actually, we spent more time than that in front of the camera. After the first 2 hours of Gone with the Wind an amazing thing happens - INTERMISSION. That was our cue to stop for the evening and continue acting like 14 year olds.
We figured out the timer on Amanda's camera and this is the result - a sweet cheerleader pyramid! We would set the camera on the dresser, run for the bed, get in position amongst giggles, and smile big for the camera! We didn't get any pictures of the head stand war, be grateful.

I have spent Friday evening with my entire family in bed and asleep by 9:15 while I play on the computer. I am going to go sew in a minute. I am making the cutest aprons for Enrichment. What a sweet week. Dang, tomorrow brings a 9:00 am soccer game!


Spencer's Adventures said...

Love the dresses. We had the same EXACT soccer story this year with Abby. She is ready to play the next time though - so I guess that is success.

Anonymous said...

After 3 kids you still fit your prom dress? Dang, dang you! (Actually good job, I am just kind of jealous!)

Emiko said...

I agree with Diantha! I fit in mine after 1 kid, now it is lost forever at the dry cleaners who closed business 5 years ago!

Emiko said...

I agree with Diantha! I fit in mine after 1 kid, now it is lost forever at the dry cleaners who closed business 5 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Well, since I wasn't a size 5 in high school like you all were, it isn't that hard for me to get into that prom dress!

Emiko, huge huge bummer about your dress!!


Epperson Family said...

Looks like a fun girls night out. Sorry I missed it. Can't believe you still fit in that prom dress. You are amazing!!!

Jenny said...

In my opinon everyone is missing the point, it is amazing that you kept your prom dress from 1992 and your hoop skirt.
I love you girls, what kind of looney shows up on my porch at NIGHT in HOOP SKIRTS!

BTW Emiko was a size 2 in highschool silly not 5.

Kate said...

I don't even fit in my prom dress and its only been 4 years since then and NO KIDS!!


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