Sunday, December 30, 2007

Does anyone else do stupid things besides me?

Have any of you ever procrastinated doing something and then totally regretted it? You know you should do it, but at that moment in time you really don't want to, although you know you should. Like when you are looking at your last roll of toilet paper in the entire house melt away so quickly and remember that the last time you were at Smiths you remembered you needed toilet paper while you were in the checkout line. You didn't want to go clear to the other end of the store to actually go get the toilet paper, even though you KNEW you should have, so you didn't. You just ignored that little voice and start unloading your items onto the conveyor belt while holding your 2 year olds hands away from all the magazines. Then as you are using your last 2 squares of TP you remember that you should have got that TP while you were shopping just so you wouldn't be in this predicament of rationing squares.
Well, I felt the stupidity of one of those moments today. My upper arms ache and so does my upper back today from taking down the trampoline mat yesterday. Yes, I waited until December 29th and the tramp was full of snow and ice to take it down.
The mat is over 9 years old, so why bother? But I did. Matt wanted to take the mat off in October and I told him we still had a bunch of good jumping days left since we had such a mild fall. Well, November rolled around and it was still pretty mild for awhile. The first snow came and melted and I thought to myself, "I should go take down that mat while it is nice outside" and didn't do anything about it, even though I knew better.
So yesterday I went outside after my parents left, shoveled the driveway and headed out to the tramp. I scraped off a good 4 or 5 inches of snow and came to a problem. That problem was a 4 inch thick ice chunk that happened to be 5 feet in diameter. The tramp was so weighed down with all that snow and ice that it was only 18" from the ground in the center of the tramp. That is what guilted me into getting the dang mat off anyway, seeing all the icicles hanging low under the mat.
Anyway, I figured I could take 1/3 or so of the springs off and then the ice chunk would slide off and I could finish taking the mat off. Well, that worked great for about 5 or 6 springs, and then they were so stinking tight that I could hardly get them off. I would grunt and pull and push and stretch those springs so far, but not quite far enough to get them free of the stinking 200 pound dead weight in the center of the tramp! I was working up a sweat so I took my coat off and I was working on a particularly hard spring when it finally gave way and I fell right on my hind end in the 10 inches of snow in my yard! Some of that 10 inches was stuff I scraped off the tramp a few minutes before! Dang! I looked to make sure the neighbors didn't see my amazing gracefulness!
I got about 1/3 of the springs off, all on the same side with only 1 left, right in the middle. That spring was sprung so far and was so tight! I hollered at Matt to come and help me. You should have seen the look on his face when I showed him my project. He was not impressed with the one lone spring I had left for him to get off for me. He grunted and grunted and with both of us forcing it, the spring came loose. The problem was that we had to stretch it so far to loosen it, it was pulled out really far and then sprung back together, with Matt's flesh stuck in between the rings of the spring! OUCH!! That of course had happened to me 15 times already, but I had gloves on and so it only caught the gloves, not my hands. My sweet Matty, he has marks to prove my stupidity and procrastination.
Once Matt and I got the last tight one off, Kelsey left her sled to come and help. She and I crawled under the tramp and pushed the far edge of the ice chunk up with our feet so it would slide off the tramp, just like my sweet little mind had planned. Well, we did have to break off some of the edges with my snow shovel. After the avalanche, it was a breeze. Kelsey and I finished taking off all the springs just in time for the wind to pick up.
I hate NOT doing something when I really know that I should, and here is another prime example of my stupidity. I hope I learn something from this! I sound like a parent don't I?

Kelsey and Kendal playing in the snow while I took a breather in between springs.
Kelsey and I finishing the job and learning a lesson!
Kendal was too happy to be outside to be helpful, she wanted to play and play.


Spencer's Adventures said...

That is just too funny. My husband took our trampoline mat off and I never thought much of it. I'll have to go thank him for it now!
P.S. I hopped onto your blog from Jen B's site. I still haven't figured out much with this blogging stuff, but mine is Hopefully it will look cool someday.

Krista said...

I procrastinate everything! In fact in church today the talks were about not procrastinating and I felt so guilty! I still haven't made the quilt that I was going to for Anna's bed before the baby came. I still have a couple of Christmas presents in the making. All of which will have to wait awhile because I know I will not have time to do anything once this baby comes.
So don't feel too bad. It's nice to know that you are human too!

mindy said...

Rach you are tooooooo funny. I don't know anyone that doesn't put off some things...

Jenny said...

Stupid is as Stupid does! I think Forest says it all, 1rst it is all about Jenny, next life is like a box of Chocolates, and last Stupid is as stupid does. We all do it.
Maybe Jack Jack is onto something with his saying and it is not rude at all, it is just Factual in a very rude way.
Taking down a trampoline in the middle of winter, Bionic Women. It would be easy to do it in the fall, you needed a challenge.

Epperson Family said...

Rachel, you are so funny. I would have at least waited for a warmer day. I hope you have a happy New Year!

rachel said...

Warmer day? When will that be? April? I must not complain though, we are on the uphill side, the shortest day of the year has occured and here we are getting longer days every single day now!


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