Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Crane Family Highlights of 2007

Matt got to go on his first archery hunt this year with his nice bow.

He got his knee scoped and had some arthritis (dang, are we that old?) scraped off his knee cap and a chunk of cartilage removed.

He went to Colorado State University for a continuing education class on equine arthroscopy and he loved it.

He got to dress up as Pat Garrett and have Dolly Parton be his girl for the evening!

Rachel finally finished ALL of her landscaping on the yard. It has been a project, a nice long one.

I went up near Seattle for two fun days at the Sewing Expo in March. Loved every minute.

I know it sounds way lame, but my dad helped us install a storm/screen door on our back door to the deck. It has been so wonderful! That is seriously my best highlight of 2007.

I threw up on my friend's airplane after a kick butt ride, that is my 2nd biggest highlight.

Kelsey got visited by the tooth fairy twice this year!

She started Kindergarten and loves it!

We took her training wheels off this spring and she has been so crazy ever since.

She spent a fun day at Lagoon with cousins screaming and laughing.

Kendal moved into her real bed on the first day of the year and has only fell out twice all year!

She had her first bubble bath this fall.

She had 4 EEGs and an MRI, passed a bunch of kidney stones (I am not sure she would consider that a highlight), experienced 5 weeks of COMPLETE silence, and had two shots a day in her thighs for 2 months.

She started talking (AGAIN) and can express herself pretty well now. A few days ago she told me "I need wa wa" and "want that book" and even better, she has been sharing kisses that she has kept to herself for about 9 months. She is doing really well after a really rough summer.


Jenny said...

I love the yard it looks so beautiful. I am excited for Spring. I don't think my yard will ever be done, I have trees to move in the Spring. Matt looks so happy with his camo and bow. So fun for him. I am so glad that Kendal is doing better. Yea for words and yea for Kisses! I don't even think we have loose teeth yet. I am sending Jacob over to your house if he gets a loose tooth.

Brian said...

Yeah, the throwing up made one of my lists as well... I didn't know Kendall had Kidney Stones, how awful!!! I've had them once and cannot imagine little Kendall having to deal with that. We are all glad she is doing better.

Krista said...

Sounds like a pretty full year! Hope that you had a great evening last night ringing in 2008! Wow! I feel like we are getting old!

Epperson Family said...

What a good idea to post the highlights from the past year. I'll have to do that. I'm so glad Kendal doing so much better. Ray sure loves her!

Jenn said...

You make the best Dolly! I loved it.


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