Friday, January 25, 2008

I also hear shaving cream is a great carpet cleaner!

Kendal's occupational therapist came again this afternoon. She had some really fun puzzles that Kendal did really well. I am so proud of her. The therapist also did something I would NEVER do. Yes, it involves a mess.
She put Kendal in her high chair and gave her a few plastic farm animals to play with, along with shaving cream!
Kendal totally loved it. Every time she would ask for more, she would get more shaving cream. She rubbed it all over the tray, her hands, the therapist's hands, her shirt, her arms. I am so proud of her for not eating any or putting it in her hair. She has sensory issues, and this was therapy. I wish I could figure out some therapy for quilting or scrapbooking. The tray of the high chair got clean. Did anyone clean their desks at school with shaving cream? I hear you can't do that anymore.

After the therapist left and Kelsey got home from school, the girls were hungry. I gave them each some goldfish in a cup and look at them! They look like they hadn't eaten in 3 days!
It is so nice to see them getting along and playing nice together. They loved their little snack hideaway this afternoon and Kendal loves to be like her big sister.


Jenny said...

So what happened after the snack?:)
Fun fun, I love your girls! I can see my boys loving a snack place like that! Yes we did use shaving cream to clean our desks!
If shaving cream is not a good carpet cleaner, at least it made your house smell "more" manly!!!

Does the occupational therapist call poison control and check out these things before putting them on surfaces that come in contact with other food items?

wendy said...

Fun stuff. That looks like something I would walk in and find my mom doing with my kids :).
It is so fun when they hang out together. Nice job with the quick photo snap!

Brittany said...

I feel my whole body tense up just looking at those pics....I think I would probably freak out....I don't like messes like that...I know you don't I am proud of you...I'm with jen on calling posion!


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