Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kendal acted just like the Energizer Bunny

Saturday my friend Jen and I went to Pleasant Grove (we waved in your direction Krista!) to this fun place with 10 or 12 big inflatable slides, mazes, and jumping huts. Matt worked on Saturday, so he met us there. The kids loved it. Matt played with them and chased around until he worked up a sweat.

I left my SD card to my camera in my computer so I only had 12 shots to take on my camera memory. I didn't get Kendal's face in one of them. It was always her backside because she just kept going and going and going.
This one is through the netting of one of the jumping huts. They loved it.

This one here was the hardest one to climb, it was so steep. I tried it and my socks kept slipping off, which made my feet slip off. It was a good thing there were hand straps to hold on to or I wouldn't have made it up! Kendal just climbed and climbed.

It was a super fun afternoon. I had a rough time with taking my shoes off and only wearing my socks. That just creeps me out, let alone with everyone else in Utah County there with their shoes off! We might go back, I have to decide if it is worth the germs. Kendal mysteriously came down with a nasty eye infection in both eyes yesterday and now both of my girls have colds. Kelsey and Kendal have coughed and coughed for the past 2 nights. It might be worth it after winter is gone.


Epperson Family said...

It looks like a fun place! Where is it?

Jenny said...

Germ Freak mom, how did your kids get sick??? Jack nose looks better, Jacob had a way bad low, but other than that. Germs what Germs...???

Mom said...

Yeah, this time of year, i bet that place is crawling with germs,,, ewwwwwww!!
Maybe take some clorox wipes next time for the kids hands,,,,,, but it does look like a fun place.
They should have people disinfect and wash those things every night.

mindy said...

Reminds me of McDonald's! Yuck! My poor kids, they have such a fun hater for a mom. Looks like you had fun anyway. I hope Kendal's therapist is impressed with all the "sensory" things you have been doing with her.

PS (Did she consider the diaper incident a sensory thing? Kidding)

rachel said...

very funy Mindy!! I might bring it up though, I would imagine that it would count!

wendy said...

Fun stuff. I guess you never know what is crawling around though. We went in Dec. without any follow up ailments. Tell you what though -
I am having a hard time with those white boxing gloves. I was wearing them this morning and they stunk so bad. My arms just smelled like something nasty until I could run home and hop in the shower....much more than you wanted to know I'm sure. At least you were clean and dry in your warm bed this morning :).

Rachel said...

thanks for making me feel better Wendy.
Those gloves have bothered me since the first day!

Tori said...

Next time you go, give your lil' sis a call--Taylor loves that place!!!


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