Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bourne Partiers

For New Years Eve we had the Proctors come over for dinner and they brought their projector so we could watch a movie on the wall. We did that 2 years ago and Kelsey still remembers and talks about watching a Harry Potter movie on the wall.
We watched a cute little movie called The Snowman before Kendal went to bed. She wasn't all that interested in the movie, just how the movie was on our wall!

We had great intentions of watching all the Bourne movies. We watched the third one last week, so we started with the first one on New Years Eve. That is all we got through. After the first we all knew we wouldn't make it through the second one. Well, I think I could have, but they didn't think they would. There is no way Matt would have, he crashed as soon as his head hit the pillow!


Jenn said...

That cracks me up. Darryl and I borrowed the Bourne movies and had intentions of watching 1 and 2 on New Years Eve too. Bourne 3 was coming on our Netflix so we thought it would be a good marathon. We had good intentions too. We watched 3 last night. I wish there was a 4.

Epperson Family said...

We watched Bourne 3 on New Years Eve too, at my Mom's. The kids had a Christmas Movie Marathon Downstairs while the adults watched upstairs by the food. Lyn would love it if all the guys came over for a movie marathon.

Krista said...

Rob loves the Bourne movies. I haven't seen the third one, don't know if I really want to. Rob got it for Christmas, so maybe I will break down and watch it!
Sounds like you had a fun night!


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