Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We had SEPs today at Kelsey's school. That used to be called Parent-Teacher Conference when I was a kid, but you know how we have to change everything! Anyway, I went and got Kelsey out of class and then went to visit Kelsey's teacher. Here is the conversation:
Teacher: Kelsey, how do you like school?
Kelsey: I like it alot.
Teacher: What is your favorite part about school?
Kelsey: Recess and treats.
Teacher: (Chuckle) Is there anything else you like about school?
Kelsey: My friends too.
Teacher: (More chuckling) What about learning. Don't you like to learn songs, numbers, story time, numbers, or anything else?
Kelsey: Oh yeah, I like all that too.

So, my sweet little Kelsey is currently going to school for the same reasons I did. That would be the social life. I went to school to be with my friends, play ball, see my boyfriend, go on ball trips, Prom, and oh yeah, to learn.


Epperson Family said...

Bekah's favorite part of school is recess and playing with the boys. She only likes art if she can draw what she wants! I think it's the age, no friends were always most important to me too!

mindy said...

I am still going to school for the social life! Just kidding. I am glad to hear that she likes those things. Now if she would have said something along the lines of "I like that I am learning to read so that I can read my dad's books and learn how to perform heart surgery on a cat..." Then we would worried! (Have you seen your cat lately? Kidding Rach!)

rachel said...

you crack me up Mindy, I guess you are right. Thanks for putting things in perspective for me!

Tori said...

To add to Mindy's comment: at least she had friends. It would be aweful to have your child hate school because no one will play with her! She is a social butterfly and always will be, but you know that she is not lagging on the education part of it either, she is a smart girl!!


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