Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Baby Lilly's Quilt is Finished!

I quilted baby Lilly's quilt downstairs last week on Debbie's machine. It only took me a few hours to actually quilt it. I love having that in my basement for small quilts!
This second picture is better because you can't see all the "stuff" I have stored in my basement!

Kelsey is my model. Kendal was in bed or else she would have been all over it. She loves this quilt for some reason. Maybe just because I was trying to finish it, so she wanted it!

My label says "For Lilly * Made with Love by Rachel * 2008"
Kelsey wanted to be wrapped up like a taco.
We are headed south for the weekend, so I think we will personally deliver Lilly's quilt to her, she is only 1 month old, not too bad I guess! I meant to have it done before she was born though.
One funny thing that has nothing to do with baby Lilly happened tonight. We were eating dinner tonight and Kelsey said to me out of the blue "Mom, my daughter will never hear "no"." I gave her a look and said "What if she wants to jump off the house?" I could have used the cliff thing, but I heard that from my dad too often. You know the-if-everyone-jumped-off-a-cliff-would-you-talk.
So Kelsey, thinking about that said to me "I would ask her if that was a good idea, but I wouldn't tell her no." I gave her a 'yeah right' look and she smiled and kept eating.


wendy said...

That quilt is beautiful. Is is baby strawberry shortcake? HAve fun this weekend...and Happy Birthday :).

mindy said...

Tell Kels that Aunt Mindy will pay for her kids to go into treatment when they are naughty teenagers! The quilt is sooo cute. I love your creativity. My boss said that she has a project in mind for her mother-in-law for Mother's Day and was wondering what you would charge her to quilt it? Might as well make $ doing what you love right?

Chris and Brittany said...

Rachel you are so talented! The quilt is beautiful!

Jenny said...

Aunt Mindy ROCKS! Still Chuckling at that comment. The quilt is beautiful, and I am sure you never tell your girls "no" when it is minor things, only when they want to jump off the house. Tell Kelsey the main thing she needs to worry about is to marry well and make sure he never tells her "no."

Jenn said...

Love the quilt--especially the little square where you personalized it. What a great idea! Hey, I hear Happy Birthday is in order. Hope it's a good one.

mom said...

Beautiful quilt,,,,, you done good!

rachel said...

Thanks Jenn, another year, Whoopee! Now that I hit 30, it doesn't matter anymore.
Thanks for all the love guys!

Epperson Family said...

I love this quilt! I should make one for my niece Maddison, she loves strawberry shotcake.Well, maybe I should buy the material now, and quilt it when I'm more experienced!


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