Friday, January 11, 2008

Enriching Enrichment Night

Last night we started another Enrichment sewing project. This time it is a cute pieced heart, kind of for Valentine's Day, but mine is so cute I am going to have it out all the time. I had about 15 ladies sign up for this project. We had a super time. My camera was in the hands of others for the night, just keep that in mind!
This one is kind of fuzzy but it is Sarah and Mikako (sorry if I totally spelled your name wrong!). Kandy, their mother, finishes off this sewing triplet, but I am sure she was at the table picking out the PERFECT red squares for her project.
This is me in the corner, cutting fabric. That is where I spent 85 % of my night. I just couldn't keep up! It was fun, but I slept with a hot pad on my back last night. It hurt from being bent over all evening. Debbie was also helping all night too. She replaced broken needles, measured for borders, cut fabric, supplied 6 sewing machines, lent out all her scissors, read owner's manuals, fixed 1/4 inch presser feet, and much much more. Why was I complaining?

Just a table shot of some of the project. Everyone brought 1 fat quarter of red and 1 fat quarter of cream fabric to share with everyone so we could all have scrappy hearts.

Amanda is becoming quite the pro here. I just noticed the iron on top of the piano. Lets say that it is not on and lets not tell the stake music people about that okay?!

A great time was had by all, just look at how much joy quilting can bring to your life! (Love this one of you Jen!)

Some of my fun ladies, just chatting and sewing away!

Eva was named 'Eva the Diva' last night. She actually finished her top last night! Good job Eva!

Poor, poor Amanda. I guess she just had too much tonight. You can only watch that needle go in and out of your fabric so many times before you just go nuts. I guess she didn't know when to quit. She only has one week to rehab, because Round Two is next Thursday!
Did I mention that I DID NOT have possession of my camera most of the night?


Jenny said...

NOTE: that iron is mine and it was never repeat never plugged in. I took it out of my bag and forgot about it.
I am sure that picture is a great one in your opinion and if my computer would not of just crashed and I lost all of my photo's last night, along with my lesson for tomorrow. I would post a beautiful one of you cross eyed! But the project is great!

rachel said...

thank goodness the access to the cross eyed one is not an option right now. You must admit, the one of you is WAY cuter than that other one of me. I wouldn't even own up to that being me!
Thanks for a fun sewing night.

rachel said...

thanks for clearing up the iron issue, I was worried!!

Jenny said...

Rachel also I loved the remark about the "sweet funny" mom picking out the perfect red! I admit nothing of the sort, I like the cross eyed one and if it is not lost forever I am doing a post on how much we like terrible photos of others, but not of ourselves.

Jenny said...

also, how do you think Amanda feels about her oh so "Not" Paris posed cross eyed photo of her.

rachel said...

Amanda took that one herself, she should know that if I have such amazing photos on my camera, I must share them with others!!

Epperson Family said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I'm sorry i had to miss it! Can't wait til next time!

Anonymous said...

ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck is up with that ugly picture I took? WOW WOW WOW, that was horrible! I guess that's what I get when I take your camera and capture pictures of just myself. I forgot to erase them before youleft. Can you say major double chin???????

Cat said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun. Wished I had been there.


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