Friday, January 18, 2008

Forgive me for being so vain, Is my nose really that pointed?

Being the family photographer has its perks. One of those being that you are not in very many pictures. This is evident in the pictures I have growing up, my mom is seldom in any of the pictures. She was always taking them. It really is sad, because my mom was and still is a good looking mom. We all miss out on those pictures of my mom in her 20s and 30s. Darn it!
Well, I am this family's photographer, but every now and then I will tell Matt "Here, get one of me and the girls" while I shove the camera into his hand. He happily obliges, he just doesn't think of it like I do. So, a few days ago I posted snow pictures, that I took of course. I now have a few pictures that my friend Jen and her husband Brian took (I must give him credit for the cute ones of my girls) that day, and of course, they include me. So here you go, another round of Snow Days in Heber, including Rachel's amazing fashion sense.

Oh Dad, I will try to remember to bring your BIG DAWGS hat back to you!
Another perk of being the photographer is taking pictures of your friends and family and posting them on your blog. Funny ones, with eyes crossed, mouths agape, eyes closed, drooling, shamefully painful expressions, etc. I usually refrain from posting ones that are not 'becoming', but every now and then you just can't help it.


Mom said...

Ahhh Rach, thanks for the compliment,i should have had more pics of me when i was younger,,, as i look in the mirror now and long for the old days. The aging process sucks!
And your nose is not pointed,its a cute nose.
I am off to work,,,, see ya tonight, stay warm today.

Tori said...

Your nose is NOT pointed--like Mom said, you have a great nose, actually I think all of us kids do--but that comes from our hot parents ;) As for being the photographer, that is so me--but I learned a trick--take a few pictures of your feet, which proves that you were there, then when your husband goes through the pictures he realizes that all there is of his wife are feet, and he begins to wake up and take the camera!! That trick is working for me!!

acrane said...

It looks like ou guys are really enjoying the snow and we get another round this weekend yeah
well I can 't wait to see ya this weekend.
Have a safe trip down

Jenny said...

Brian was very proud, I have to give him full credit because he came over with the camera, I forgot it. I am usually in the pictures because he thinks he takes better picture than me.


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