Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Same stuff, different day

Sunday morning I was awakened by the words "no no"coming from the girls' bedroom. Matt and Kelsey had a little sleep out in the living room so Kendal was the only one in there. I figured if she were telling herself "no no", I better go see what she wasn't supposed to be doing. I walked into her room and got a whiff of the smell.
She had pooped, taken off her diaper, and then put her pajama bottoms back on. She had put both legs in one leg hole and couldn't figure out why she couldn't walk. Well, the contents of the diaper ended up all over the lower portion of her body and on the bedspread. I figured that wasn't too bad considering! I cleaned her up and since it was 7:00 I figured it was time for a shower anyway. We both got showered, dressed, hair done, and then went and woke up Kelsey and Dad in the living room. Matt said "You guys have been in the tub already?" I said "Yes, and started a load of laundry already too!"

Sunday afternoon Kelsey and I made sugar cookies. I have never been too good at sugar cookies, but these ones turned out okay. Kelsey thought it was great.
I saw the New Era today, an LDS magazine for teenagers, and thought "Porter stole my jersey!" Okay, so not really, I didn't play baseball, but I was #20 in basketball AND my jersey was purple AND it said WAYNE.
Porter Ellett, a kid from where I grew up, was featured in the New Era this month. He is a super kid and my mom had told me they were doing an article on him in the New Era. I am going to go read it right now. There are some great pictures of him in there that shows how he catches and then throws a baseball with only one arm. I haven't seen him play baseball, but everyone says it is amazing. I have seen him play basketball though, and he is a great player. I am not sure, but you might be able to find a link at www.lds.org.


Tori said...

I think she is ready to be potty-trained! If it would only happen right!!
Sugar cookies--totally love them, but I can never make them all soft and yummy!

Epperson Family said...

I love sugar cookies!

Lindsay said...

I love that you capture the moment in photos before cleaning up! I always forget to grab the camera.
Joe and I think it would be fun to meet up with the Crane family sometime this summer. I won't mention that you are going to give him a whoopin' though :)

mindy said...

Did Kendal help? Looks like fun!! How's the weather up there? We were actually snowed in on Monday! YEP all roads closed...45 minuites from work to home (6 miles)

rachel said...

Lindsay, you can not say things like that and get me all excited!! Where should we meet up?

Mindy, I don't want to talk about snow, I have so had it. Sorry you were snowed in though, that is amazing. I would imagine that Grass Valley wind did some damage too! The snow here is about 2/3 up the trampoline legs!!

Jenn said...

Yea for Wayne Co.! I knew someone would discover there were people there some time. I'd love to watch him play. What a neat kid. I've got a great sister-in-law and laurels I could set him up with! ;)

Sorry about the pooping incidents. Sounds hilariously funny-- but not fun.

Lindsay said...

hmmm...where to meet?? Joe said you and Matt probably know some great places to camp between Oregon and Utah. How does that sound? It would be Addison's first camping trip!


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