Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Calgon, Take me Away

It has been one of those days. If my mom lived within any reasonable distance, she would have received a 2 year old package today on her front porch. I love her, very much, but the poop thing is really getting to me!! I will spare you all the details, but just know that I still love her, I wanted to beat her to within an inch of her life today, but I refrained and I still love her. How could I not?

Yesterday at approximately 3:12 pm a few nice sharp shards of glass cut through my new pants and entered my knee. I am not going to tell you all how that happened because it is a tad bit embarrasing. Anyway, I think I cut a vein or a little capillary or something because I bled and bled, and I could see a little light colored piece of tissue. My sock soaked up a whole lotta blood, as did my NEW pants!! I cleaned it up and asked Matt if he would put a stitch in it, he said no way. So a few hours later, more blood soaked pants, and having it split open 3 more times, I had him talked into it. Well, kinda. He said he would staple it, not stitch it.
He had me alcohol it and while I was doing so, he informed it was gonna hurt like crazy and I was gonna cry like a baby. The alcohol hurt like crazy and the staples didn't hurt too much at all. I surely didn't cry like a baby like he expected. He put in 2 staples yesterday and today they are looking a whole lot better than this picture. I knelt down a few times today that made me bleed pretty good so I had to be careful, but other than that, I think all is well.

Glen and mom, look at those awesome green Forest Service socks!

Last night our stake had a wonderful Enrichment Meeting about families. We listened to talks on strengthening marriages, budgets and family counsels, and how to teach your children. Wow, it truly was great meeting. I could type a few pages of the ideas and thoughts that hit me hard and deep, but once again, I will refrain. I took some notes and I plan on looking at them every now and then. It was a super meeting.
After the meeting, a few of us went out for birthday desserts. We all had various cobblers and it was wonderful. Thanks for a good time Vicki, Jen, Heather, Wendy, Sally, Amanda, and Janet. The conversation was good and so was the yummy cobbler!
The day is looking better. The girls are in bed, I just consumed some chocolate that was delivered by an angel along with some flowers, and I think I am getting in the tub for a little R and R. Calgon, here I come!


Joe said...

The staples didn't hurt because you were probably still crying from the pain of the alcohol when Matt put the staples in.

Gotta love the staples!!! Way to go Matt!

Lindsay said...

Being married to a veterinarian sucks sometimes! Seriously, you have to almost be dying before he will fix you or take you to the hospital to be fixed! Last summer, I called Joe at work to tell him I needed to go to the ER because my hand was broken. He had to take the x-rays himself before he would take me to the human doc. Joe would have put the screws in my hand himself if I would have agreed! "Think of how much money I saved us" is his reasoning.

Oh and when I was pregnant, I have several ultrasounds with the label "large dog" in the corner. Yes, cool to have the pics of the baby, but not so much to be a "large dog".

I hope your leg feels better and heals soon :)

Mom said...

I cannot imagine getting staples put in me with no deadening,,,, holy hell! That killed me to read it, made my toes curl under.
Hang in there with Kendal, when your my age, you will look back and wonder how ya did it.
And i have about 7 (not 6, not 8, because you would not take another pair) pairs of socks,,, so if your so in love with em, as i am,,,,, i will gladly give ya more.
And another thing, the glass thing you will not admit to, ummmmm makes me very curious.

acrane said...

you are the woman but i brt after natural child birth you can handle any pain i love ya and i feel the same way about lainee

Epperson Family said...

Holy cow girl! You really cut your leg. I would not do the staples thing Ouch! We really had a blast last night! Thanks

Anonymous said...

You gotta spill the beans on how it happened. Now I am intrigued:) Looks like it was pretty deep. That reminds me of the one time my Father in law cut his knee and he stiched it up HIMSELF in the bathroom! I would much rather have staples! Sweet Kendal. I would love to see an experiment of putting Kendal and Jack-Jack in a room together for day and see what happens, lol!

P.S. Lindsay's comment was hilarious!!!!!

Tori said...

Oh Rach- you are so tough--I agree with Joe--the alcohol had to be worse than the staples. The staples is kinda like getting something pierced--not a big deal!
Matt doing dr work on you is great! I always diagnose Jared or bring home stuff for him. The other day he was dehydrated and so I brought home a saline bag and started an IV on him, and gave him fluids--it made him feel better!

Jenn said...

Wow what a day. I think you might need more Calgon. I'll see what I can do about that.

Jenny said...

Lindsay, I wondered why Matt didn't give Rachel a nice shot of antibiotic with the stapels... I love the "Large Dog" labels. Joe must me one heck of a man!
Rachel never complains, she is one tought cookie, however... Matt how is your knee that was scoped? JK


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