Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Manger Maker

My little Kelsey is quite the artistic, ingenuitive engineer. She wrapped presents for me and for her dad yesterday. Look at what a good job she did! I am not sure what is in the boxes, but I do know that I had to buy more tape today! She is so excited for us to open them.
Here is Kelsey's other engineering project. She told me a few nights ago she wanted to make a manger, actually, I think she called it a stall like baby Jesus'.
Anyway, I told her fine and she went downstairs to cut apart a box. She came back upstairs with broken scissors and teary eyes. I told her it was okay because the scissors were really old and that I had stolen them from grandma before she was born anyway. That made things seem a little better. Sorry Mom!

So, two days later this manger arises out of the dust! So cute. I need to buy more packaging tape now too! The best part is the one piece of yellow felt that she cut the edges up on for the straw. She is so funny.

When we finished it last night and she laid her baby doll in it, she said with a huge smile "That is just what I had pictured in my mind." She is a smart cookie and we love her very much.


Tori said...

That is so cute! She gets her prolific tape use from her Grandma Buttons! Taylor has even commented on how mcuh tape Grandma uses for things! (love ya mom).
I love her manger-she did an excellent job! I seriously don't think that I could get two triangle boxes to stay together like that! She is an engineer in the making!

mom said...

I loved the manger thing too,,, and yes, it indeed needed massive amounts of tape, you go Kelsey!!
As i was reading about the present wrapping,,, a scene of many years ago came to my mind,,, when i had 3 kids at home, and they so loved Christmas,,,,They would go into their bedrooms,, and wrap all kinds of toys (used, mind you) to give to each other.
They loved watching their siblings opening,,,,, and finding the toys that had somehow become lost.Ah,,,,,, the joys of parenting, its priceless.

Joe said...

We hope that Addison is as smart as your cute Kelsey. Awesome manger Kelsey!

Jenny said...

Kelsey is "perfect" and so dang smart. I need to let my kids do more things. Good for you Rachel to let her invision something and finish it. Kelsey good for you for not giving up even if your mom runs out of tape.

Epperson Family said...

Very cute manger! It should be part of the Christmas decorations for years to come. Way to go Kelsey!

Amanda lee said...

That Rachel is the sweetest thing ever! You are so lucky to have such adorable little girls. Kelsey is so intelligent. Seriously, she is a smart one. That's funny she called it Stall. We stopped and talked about what a "Stall" was in Primary while learning the "Away in a Manger" song. She gets things! How sad about the scissors, Opps to Buttons!

Krista said...

What a cute little manger! She did a better job than I could. She also did a better job on wrapping the presents than I could. Do you think I can hire her?


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