Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Good Doctor's Party

Sunday Matt and Kelsey were in Salina so it was just me and Kendal at church. Kendal didn't have anyone's hair to pull or toys to steal, so things were great. She was on her best behavior and it was one of the best Sacrament Meetings she has sat through. She did play musical laps with mine, Debbie's, and Derek's laps though. This is us after church.

And this mom saying "Oh yes you WILL give me a hug!"

When Kelsey got out of school Monday and after Kendal's therapist left, we drove down to Ogden and went to Matt's work Christmas Party. Dr. Pierson and Dr. Talbot had this years dinner at a place called The Warehouse and it was very good. The food was super and the place was very nice. I couldn't believe how many employees were there! There have been alot of new people hired since the Christmas Party last year. This picture is Matt helping Kendal pick her gift off of the tree.

Kelsey loved picking her gift too. They give everyone a $10 gift card to somewhere along with a candy bar. Most of the fun is opening it and seeing where your card is going to be spent. Kelsey got a Target card last year, and the year before that a Toys R Us card. This year she got Home Depot - score for mom!!

Like I said, there were alot of people there this year and gratefully we were in a huge room. We had a really nice time and it was fun to talk with the people that Matt works with everyday. It was pretty amazing to see Matt talking with them and laughing with them about funny things at work that happen. He really likes most of the people that he works with and they like him. Most of them call him Dr. Crane, and they loved it when I called him Matty or Crane. They thought that was so funny. One girl that Matt likes really well and works as a tech, Tommie Lee, said, "I can't imagine calling Dr. Crane Matt, he is just Dr. Crane." I told them a few good stories about their Doc and they said we needed to get together more often so they could learn more about him and get more dirt on him. They informed me that last week he listened to the same Nickelback CD all day long. See, I learn things about him too!

By the time dinner was over, the girls were VERY restless. There was a cute little girl named Tori that sat by us and they had a nice time. One of the employee's husbands sang a few songs for us with his guitar (reminded me of the Bar J Wranglers) and the girls loved dancing while he sang.

More dancing , really getting into it. Kelsey was spinning poor little Tori all over the place. I had to act innocent about Kelsey's techniques and where she learned them!

Me and Kendal dancing too. My little girls love to dance, especially with mom.


Mom said...

The party looked fun,,,,, and i loved the pics,The ones of you and Kendal are "darling".
Have a good day,,,,,!
Tell me again why some people like winter??? BAH HUMBUG!
i just had to vent, about the cold. Thanks

Mindy said...

They don't know him that well. When I call the office and ask for Matt, they don't even know who that is. That is really weird to me because I know all the doctors I work with by first name. They are human too! Sounds like you had a fun, nice, enjoyable evening.

Tori said...

Anyway, I can NOT call any of the doc's I have ever worked with by their first name! No way!! Alot of the workers in the ER would call the docs by their first name and I hated it! To me it is a respect thing--kinda like how we always called Mr Peterson "Mr. Peterson". Just respect. I know that they are human and their poo stinks too-but it just ain't happening. If I called Dr. Gibby Wendell, I would probably get fired!!

Tori said...

Mom--I HATE the winter too! I am turning into you--just call me Mini-me. BTW-- in one month from today I will be getting on my ship!!! Yay for sun!!

Epperson Family said...

It looks you had a fun Christmas party. This little business of Lyn and Landen's parties too much as it is! Work Christmas parties are so fun, I'll miss that this year.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun...clean fun. Ya, lots of people there! I love the laid back parties AND...you can bring your kids and show them off! Mark and I are the only sober ones at his company party that always starts at 9pm with appetizers and dinner at 10pm. We completely stand out as if we do not belong. Last year I asked for a "Sprite on the Rocks"...they didn't find that funny....I don't think they liked me, lol!

mindy said...

Internet error. Thats not what I meant. I meant that he is human and they should know his first name.

Jenny said...

Wow, lots of employees. How does Matt remember there names? I am not a bit jealous that he would laugh and have fun with all his co-worker. They don't get the luxury of "making" conversation with him I mean with Dr. Crane. Did anyone touch his arm while u were there?
Why is Matt not dancing? Where are all the animals, did they not get a Christmas Present?
Dr. Isom still thinks it is weird that I can't call him Wade. While working there all the girls laughed at me. At our Christmas party, they called him Wade, I still called him Dr. Isom. Same with Dr. Maisey, Dr. Ash, Dr. Seamons, etc...
Kelsey, Tori, and Kendal are so cute. Glad you all had a nice meal and a great time.

Krista said...

I absolutely love your hair. You look awesome!
Sounds like a great party and that fun was had by all.
I agree with Tori. It is totally a respect thing. Even outside of work I would still call someone Dr.


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