Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dec 29th

Sweet little Kendal got Dora panties for Christmas. She LOVES Dora, so I thought this would be a good incentive to get going on the whole potty training thing. Plus, she can communicate so much better than just 2 weeks ago, so we are going to give it a whirl. Yesterday when she got out of the tub, I put them on her, she thought they were great.
She ran away from me, she wanted to leave them on, but I got a diaper and clothes on her pretty quick. I have learned my lesson with her!
My parents came up to visit and spend the night last night. It was really fun to have them here. The girls loved it. Kelsey wrestled and teased and chased and Kendal liked all the commotion. When Grandpa would sit down after chasing with Kelsey, Kendal would claim him by crawling up in his lap and say "BampPa." They loved having Grandma here too. Kendal liked wearing Grandma's boots and Kelsey liked playing games with Grandma.

See how my mom's feet are naked? Kendal stole her boots!
It was a great time having my parents here and Kelsey had to show them EVERYTHING she and her sister got for Christmas. They left today around noon to go to my sister Tori's house for the rest of the day and spend the night there too. Thanks for coming to visit mom and dad!


Krista said...

Good luck with the potty training. I started working on it with Anna, but I became too pregnant to bend over to help her, so we have had a couple of setbacks.
How fun for you to have your parents come and stay. It looks like your girls loved having them!

Anonymous said...

You parents look so relaxed and fun to be around. I love your Dad chillin' in the big bag. My Dad came the other day and was in ours too, just hanging out. Still laughing at the raggedy ann. Have fun with potty training. I think I still have about two years with Lydia.

Jenny said...

Buttons and Marion are WONDERFUL! What good parents they are, almost as cool as my Parents. I love the boots, what did papa Chappell get for Christmas?

Mom said...

Ahhhh, Thanks! It was fun,,,, the girls were great, we enjoyed it.
Marion got tools and books and Christmas,,,a little boring, but what he wanted.
The Raggedy Ann was popular when I was a kid,,,, took me FOREVER to find one.

Epperson Family said...

Ray thinks Kendal's Dora underwear is cool. and wants you to tell her that he got Cars underwear for Christmas.

Rachel said...

Good For Ray, I will pass on the message!
My paps got some tools for Christmas I think. A bunch of grandpa things I am sure.
Enjoy those 2 years Jonesy!


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