Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Goose or Gander, or What?

Last night a few friends got together at my house for dinner. It was delicious! I love it when other people cook and I get to take full advantage of their talents.
Jen and Brian, Mark and Amanda, Brittany (we missed you Richard), and Matt and I all enjoyed a fabulous dinner and the company was amazing!

Brittany's husband Richard stayed home with the sweet little baby girl so Brittany could come and play with us for awhile. Thanks Richard for sharing her with us, it was good to chat with you Brittany. It had been WAY too long! After we let dessert settle and got the children to bed, we had a nice old fashioned time. No high tech games, movies, or entertainment for us. No, we had some good old fashioned fun like our grandparents, no wait, our great grandparents used to, with a few friendly leg wrestles. I hate to admit being inferior, but I was beaten. Amanda flipped me twice. Okay, so maybe they were not full fledged flips, but yeah, she rolled me good. She also got Jen too, so I don't feel too horrible about it all. The ladies did another old fashioned thing too, we let the guys win. Brian is the proud owner of the "champ" title for the evening. Maybe I will practice up and give him a run for his money at the next little get together. Amanda, I will be ready for you next time too!

Heather and Lyn, we missed you guys too. Here is a picture of the duck, goose, whatever waterfowl it may be, that adorned our buffet table. We did it in honor of Heather. You will have to read her blog to hear the whole story. But anyway, here is the duck or pheasant (kidding, I know the difference) by the very empty dish of what used to be green beans. I didn't get a picture of the good looking 1987ish old gal when the table was full of food, just when I was cleaning up. We love you Heather.


Anonymous said...

I had lots of fun rachel! Thanks for inviting me. I need to get the recipe for the chicken...So good! Looks like I missed out on some fun games..what happend to twister?

mom said...

Looks like ya had a great ole time,,,,,,, yayayayaya for you guys.

Epperson Family said...

You are hilarious trying to copy my place setting! Anyway, pack mtg. was no where near as fun! Oh and thanks for the cute fabric it turned out great.

Tori said...

You ahve such great friends up there! I am so happy for you! I still need to meet Amanda though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fun evening! The dinner was delicious and I am still enjoying the left overs:) That leg wrestiling was fun! I had no idea of my own strength...The men's competition doesn't count though. Brittnay, you're next!!

Love the center peice. I was wondering about that, lol. And Tori, we need to's been way to long. Hope you're feeling fantastic:) Thanks Rachel!


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