Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kendal Ree Crane

Today was an exciting day for my Kendal. We had to go to the podiatrist for me today in SLC and while we were waiting for the doctor to come back, she and I found the baby powder and had a great time 'puffing' little powder volcanoes all over the chair to keep her happy and busy. She did say "puff" at the end of the 10 minute excercise, so all is well!
We then strolled around JoAnns Fabric Store for an hour, she was a great sport. A nice nap followed when we got home and when she woke up, I let her play in one of the sensory bins. I thought she would love it, but that only lasted about 10 minutes. I think she wanted me to sit right there by her the entire time, but I had some ironing to do.

After the sensory bin, Kelsey got home from school and left the closet door open. This is a massive no no in our house. Kendal can disassemble all the goods in that closet in 2 1/2 minutes flat. But this time, she went straight for the roller skates in the closet and left all the bins of Barbies, Polly Pockets, and My Little Ponies alone. That is a miracle in itself, but the fact that she is actually better on the roller skates than Kelsey is, now that is amazing!

I finally got the tree out of the garage this afternoon. I had to put it in there because when I bought it yesterday, it was totally snow and ice covered. It thawed in the garage and left a little puddle. When Matt got home we decorated the tree. Kelsey loved it of course and Kendal just liked that fact that we have a yummy smelling, soft (grand fir) tree in our house.

I truly am not trying to dislocate her arm, just GENTLY pick her up so she can actually help us.

The girls each have a princess doll ornament that they put on every year. It is tradition to take a picture of the act of hanging it on the tree. I am supposed to have Kendal's help here with putting her doll on the tree, but she is grabbing viciously for Kelsey's new manger scene ornament she made yesterday at the Primary Activity.
As I type, Kendal is laying with her daddy on the couch, watching Dora, hopefully winding down. She has had a very exciting day!!


Jenny said...

Colonel Mustard in the Kitchen with the ROPE! Rachel did the Crime!
I am a bit sad, I might go buy and real tree and let the kids decorate it. You all look like you are having so much fun.
Love Kendal on Saktes. Does Kendal have a little pony???

Jenny said...

I want kfc now!

Epperson Family said...

Rachel, I am jealous of the live tree. I miss the smell, The forest just dosen't cut it! Your tree is a perty little tree. Can I come over and smell it?
P.s. jenn you are too funny!

rachel said...

little is the key word there, but it does smell delicious, come on over!

Anonymous said...

Good for Kendal. Just a little improvment makes you as a mom feel like it's going to eventually be all ok. Yea for "Puff". And the skates...that's hard to do! Love the tree. My boys get excited for about 15 minutes and then I lose them.


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