Sunday, December 09, 2007

December 9th

I have this really good friend who has been a friend since Kindergarten or even maybe before that. Her birthday is December 9th, today. She is such a good friend that even though I have not sent her a birthday card in maybe 4 or 5 years, she always remembers to send me one.
I will justify myself though since I am telling the story. When December 1st rolls around, I think to myself, "Camille's birthday is this month." When December 5th rolls around I think to myself "I really need to go get Camille a birthday card this year since I didn't last year." December 8th comes and I think "Maybe a phone call will work." December 9th arrives and there is still no birthday card in the mail, but I did call her once, around 9:30 pm. Her mother in law answered because her sweet husband had taken her on a date. So that is what happens. I truly do think of her all day on her birthday. It isn't that I forgot, it is just that I am a bad friend and don't put forth the effort.
I love Camille, she is an amazing person. I can not begin to explain my Camille. If you know her, then you know that I can not even break the iceberg by trying to tell you about her. She is just great.
So, this year, I waited until December 6th before braving the snow (like how I make it dramatic here on my part) to go to the store for a cute card. I got one. It did not however get put in the mail yet, but I will do it tomorrow, the day AFTER her birthday. The birthday cards she sends me always arrive on the right day, or even a day before. Imagine that!

Here is the cute card, just to prove it to you. I got one for her this year!!!
Camille, I hope you had a super birthday and I promise I thought of you 25 times today. Your card will get to you soon.


Krista said...

Happy Birthday Camille! Hope you have a great one!
Love ya!

Jenny said...

Love the post. You are a great friend even if your card will arrive late. Good on you!

Anonymous said...

Happy b-day Camille! You're funny Rachel. You do more than I do for my own siblings on their b-days.

Epperson Family said...

Rachel, I'm sure you're forgiven, because you are sending her a birthday card and not just a birthday/christmas card, which is what we December birthday people usually get! You are a great friend!


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