Saturday, December 08, 2007

Poor Kendal, Stuck Inside

When I finished shoveling the porch this morning, thank goodness Derek, our neighbor was nice enough to remove the few inches off of our driveway, I came inside and was promptly asked by Kelsey, who was still in her pajamas, if she could go out and play in the snow. Sure, after she ate some breakfast I told her. While Kelsey was eating, Kendal put on Kelsey's snowsuit and pranced around the house. Kendal cried like a baby when I took it off of her and gave it to Kelsey. So then, I got her own to put on. Look how happy she is!!

Kelsey was outside playing with the cats on the deck and Kendal loved watching her and screaming at her. She wanted to go outside too. I am such a mean mom, but I didn't let Kendal go out today.

Here are my two little girls today. I think I better let Kendal go out tomorrow. Derek just told me that we are supposed to get a few more inches tonight.


Krista said...

She does look very happy. I was also a mean mom and didn't let Anna outside today. BTW...The next time you come to Orem or Provo call me and I will definitely meet up with you.

Epperson Family said...

Poor Kendal, she look darn cute standing in the window though. Ray didn't get to go out either, he was coughing so much. My other children loved it, but were almost frozen when I finally got them to come in!

Jenny said...

Jack, Jack, would love to play/push Kendal in the snow. Then maybe she wouldn't want to go out so bad.
Did she climb up to the window all by herself?

Tori said...

I love Kelsey cheesing it as she looks back into the house--it's kinda like "Neener, neener, neener-I am outside and you're not"


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