Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our Slammin' Jammin' Cheese Ball Eatin' Christmas

I had no problem going to bed last night, but when 5:00 hit this morning, I could hardly contain myself. I was so excited for my kids to see their fun things. I made myself lay still in bed, and eventually I dosed off again. I woke up again and again happy with anticipation, at at 7:30 I couldn't take it anymore. Neither could Matt, he had been awake for awhile too. He plugged in the lights, we both got dressed, brushed our teeth, and we were making our bed when Kelsey strolled in. This morning was the first morning in about a year Kelsey has beaten Kendal out of bed. Kendal is ALWAYS awake and at it before her big sister.
Anyway, Kendal was up in no time and Kelsey was so excited. When Kendal saw her new bike, she dove out of my arms and nearly did a header to get to it!
Kelsey had left a note for Santa in her stocking, so she made sure to check it pretty early. When I was little, we once forgot about our stockings until that afternoon!
Kelsey got a sewing box FILLED with sewing goods from my mom. She loves it and is ready to get going on a project!
Matt's favorite gift this year was a Thompson Center Omega 50 caliber laminated, thumb hole stock muzzle loader. He was VERY happy about this little beauty. I say beauty, because it really is, I must admit. The laminated stock shows the gorgeous wood grain, and it is nice!
One of Kelsey's favorite gifts this year was from Santa and it is a Littlest Pet Shop Digital Pet Duck. She has been so busy with it all day. Who knew?
Kendal got a great John Deere transporter full of tractors from my dad. She loves it and even makes the sounds! The speech therapist will be happy about that!
But Kendal's favorite gift this year is definitely her aquadoodle. Thanks for the idea Krista! She has been drawing ALL day.
It looks as if Santa's sleigh tipped over at our house. Thanks everyone for your sweet gifts and all the fun.
The Proctors came over around noon today. They got to talk with their missionary son Phillip who is in Hawaii today. That was very exciting for them. They brought some yummy food over and we had a nice little unplanned potluck lunch that really hit the spot. They also brought over Guitar Hero.
We all had a good time watching and playing the guitars to some old songs that brought back some high school memories!
Debbie and I even played to Motley Crue's Shout at the Devil. We did awesome! Matt and I also had a little duel. So darn funny!
Some of Derek's friends came over to play Guitar Hero too. We seriously played for a good 5 hours this afternoon. These are some of the boys that shot their bows and arrows all summer with Matt outside. They are good kids and nice guys to have around the neighborhood.
Now my little darlings are watching Kelsey's new movie Barbie as the Island Princess in their new chairs Santa brought. It is time to wind down. I got a really great foot soaker/massager that I am so ready to put to use tonight. Matt got me some really nice new speakers for my computer too, so now I get to hear my blog music in surround sound!! Why does Tom Petty always come up? I really think I get that one more than any other song. There is a story to that song, I listened to Tom Petty for an entire week once on a fire out by Oak City. Kinda killed me on Tom Petty, but it reminds me of the good ol days fighting fire.
We sure hope everyone had a super Christmas, we sure did!


Mindy said...

Looks like Santa dumped on the Crane's in Heber. You might have to finish your basement to have adequate space for all those toys! Glad you had a great day! Love YA!

Tori said...

So I have to laugh... your description of Matt's gun so sounded like Ralphie on Christmas Story with his Red Rider BB gun! I giggled a bit....
It looks like your girls had a great Christmas and I am glad that you had a nice relaxing day!

Jenny said...

I love it Rachel, I read this last night and I was just so happy to see such a cute post that I didn't know what to comment. What fun, what good neighbors, I love the gifts, the sewing kit (Jacob will want to come over and learn), the Aqua doodle, the Red Rider BB Gun (I agree Tori). I love the picture Matt, yes yes yes, a man with a Thompson Center Omega 50 caliber laminated, thumb hole stock muzzle loader. Aiden said “Matt has a gun in the house!!!” very concerned why you were pointing it and shooting it in the house. I told him it was all for the picture, you didn't shoot it.
You missed my mom launching off a Potato or two. One dropped about 20 feet in front of the our neighbor house across the park. He was outside watching, next thing he had his phone and was talking on it outside. We figured we would wait awhile before we shot off anymore. I guess at night you see flames, next up night potato shooting. Bring your cheap hair spray and a potato or two.

Krista said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Rob wants to know if Matt's gun has a compass in the stock :).
I'm glad that Kendal enjoyed her aquadoodle. Anna loves hers and it saves so much paper and doesn't leave a mess. How much greater could it be!

Rachel said...

no compass, oh heavens no, we have to spend even more $$ on a GPS!!

Actually, he has a GPS already. He wanted one for a few years and I kept teasing him and asking him why he needed it, did he plan on getting lost? He didn't think I was funny.

acrane said...

I'm glad you had a great christmas it went by so fast we missed you tonz see ya soon

Adree said...

I am so impressed that you have all your pictures up and posted. I took 300 pictures so I need a couple of hous to sort through them all.

Jenn said...

Mostly love your title. You're always crack me up!

Rachel said...

Adree, 300 pictures? I thought I was bad and so did Matt. I will have to tell him about you, then I won't seem so pyscotic to him!
Hope your Christmas was wonderful, can't wait to see some pictures!

Epperson Family said...

Love the Aqua doodle thing. How does it work? Maybe Ray would like that for his b-day. Lyn was impressed with the gun. The boys will have to go sometime. Is Matt's an inline?

rachel said...

Heather, yes it is an inline. Does Lyn have a cool old one?


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