Monday, December 03, 2007

Swiss Christmas

On Saturday we went over to Midway to their Swiss Christmas Celebration. Kelsey had made a gingerbread house at my friend Heather's house that was put into the 'Houses for the Children' auction. Gingerbread houses are made and auctioned off and the proceeds go to the Children's Justice Center here in town.

Kendal loved all the gingerbread men that decorated the building, inside and out. She wanted to pull off their little googley eyes.

Here is Kelsey's gingerbread house. She was so happy to make it and so happy to see it at the auction. Matt placed his bid and he was the winner. Kelsey wanted hers back pretty badly, so she was so happy that it got to come to our house.

Some of the houses, well, all of the houses were amazing. This picture below is a picture of the gingerbread house that won 'Best of Show.' It was gorgeous, inside and outside. If you peeked in one of the windows, you could see a stone fireplace with a glowing fire, furniture, decorations on the wall, chair rail, a beautiful Christmas Tree, and even Santa was there. The details were amazing. There are rules for this auction, and I am not sure what they are, but I know that everything must be edible. So that totally kills the hot glue that the Cranes use to put theirs together!

Just a few more pictures of some of the ones I liked. There were too many to take pictures of all of them, even though my mother in law would love to see every single one.

Kelsey and I both liked the Pink Princess Castle.

This one was gorgeous too, the roof was shaved walnuts I think. Thanks Heather and Lyn for including us (although I was extremely reluctant) in your annual gingerbread house tradition.

After we saw the gingerbread houses, Matt and Kelsey headed south to Salina to go work cows. Kendal and I stuck around Swiss Christmas for awhile and shopped a little. I bought the coolest Christmas present for my brother and sister in law, but I can't tell because she sometimes reads this. So cute though.


Mindy said...

We have to rethink the gingerbread houses. We could do so much better. I am thinking mansions, christmas lights, sleighs, reindeer, interior decorating...Oh wait, I just remembered my patience level as I was getting carried away. It would be fun though, at least to see.

Tori said...

Those people have mastered the idea of food for construction items! I do not have the patience or creativity.
I love the picture with Kendal pulling on the gingerbread mans eyes--such a mischievious grin!

Epperson Family said...

I'm so glad y'all had fun! next year you and matt and kendal need to make one too!

Jenny said...

Kendal does look so happy, you should have let her loose on the gingerbread houses, that would have been a good picture! Wow Kelsey your house turned out amazing. Good thing you have a good dad who would be the highest bidder and take your prize home. Did you eat it?
I so am like Mindy, my mind says "yes mansions, light, fireplaces, large landscaped yards..." then there is the picture you posted of your gingerbread house at Mom Ellen Cranes house. Rachel did you even start? :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I soooo missed out. Man, that night was crazy with Mark getting home late and when he walked in the door ALL THREE KIDS WERE IN TEARS. No gingerbread house making for them and early bed time. I should have just come alone. They looked awesome!! Next year we are in. Heather, you did a great job organizing this all! Kelsey, yours was beautiful!


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