Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas 2004, Kelsey got her first kitchen at age 2!

Christmas 2005 is lost, but 2006 was the ball pit year, they loved it.
Christmas 2007, my girls both got bikes. Ages 5 and 2.


Brittany said...


soooo cute! Your girls are so sweet! Glad you had a good X-mas. You are a hard woman to get a hold of....I need to get that recipe for your and Richard loved it!
p.s. Did you get guitar hero?

Epperson Family said...

Hey, love the dancing. What a fun doll. I had one like that growing up! Missed ya last night!

rachel said...

Hey Brittany, i will so call you tomorrow with that recipe. Sorry!

Heather, sorry, the bed ordeal lasted way longer than I expected!!

rachel said...

Brittany, no way did I get Guitar Hero, although it would be fun, but I am not that technologically advanced! Derek got it. But I am contemplating getting the 80s music guitar hero, go Aerosmith and Def Leopard!


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