Tuesday, August 19, 2014

a time to sew

It rained for a week a few weeks ago here.
It was glorious.  I love it when Heaven waters my yard and garden.
The rainy weather made me want to sew, something I don't get to do very much in the summer.
So I dug out some blocks I made in a block of the month from 2010 and bought some sashing fabric.

It took me a few days, but I finished this quilt top.  The colors really are THAT ugly, but it was what was included in the block of the month packets.
So now, off to the quilter for this one.

The girls started school today. 
Yes, I cried.  I need a diversion!
Its raining today, so I should sew!
 But I do I need to decide which unfinished quilt project to work on.
I have at least 30.  No kidding.
Here are a few I am considering: 

This one is ALMOST finished, one more border I think!

This one is a long way from finished, but really needs to get done.

This one will take a lot of brain power to figure out what I REALLY want to do with all these stars made as friendship blocks by my friends.

And this one is just blocks laid out on the floor, they aren't sewn together.
Plus, I have a sweet reader who really wants to see this one completed.
I think this one may win the contest!

So now that I have dried up from my girls growing up and being gone,
cleaned the bathrooms, and figured out dinner,
its time to sew.


Kerin said...

there is so much talent displayed in your quilt blocks!! Very impressive :)
Staying busy will help the time pass more quickly....

It's incredible to think that another summer has passed and once again a new school year has begun. Where does the time go???

If you are in Heber (if I remember correctly) our eldest son is now serving as a new police officer there.... yay!

Rachel said...

Hello Kerin,
Thanks for your sweetness. How exciting to have your son taking care of us! lol. That is great. I hope he likes it here. Its a great valley.


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