Wednesday, August 06, 2014

here chicken chicken chicken

I bought some stain/paint/sealer type stuff for the chicken coop about 3 weeks ago.
I told Kelsey it was her job to get the coop done. 
She hated working in the heat, so she woke up early a few mornings to get it done.
This was in July, so by 9 am, it was warm. 

It took her a few painting episodes, but she is almost finished. 
 I told my friend Jen about her duty, so one morning Jen brought her son Jacob (who is Kelsey's age) over to help Kelsey paint.  She of course was mortified because she was in her pajamas and hadn't brushed her hair or teeth, but I think she secretly enjoyed it and she for sure appreciated the help.  Jen said Jacob set his alarm early that morning and asked her to drive him the 5 or 6 miles to our house so he could help.  What a sweet kid.

There is one spot she hasn't finished yet because the raspberries are right against it and in their ouchy, pokey prime, so she will have to get that spot in the fall. 
Kelsey is a sweet 12 year old and is such a great help to me. 
She is a real sweetheart too.
I can't wait when she tells the story in 15 years about how she had to paint the ENTIRE chicken coop by herself in the 100 degree weather facing near amputation by the raspberries, or her mom wouldn't feed her.  It will be a great story.
A few nights ago, we all went on a 20 minute bike ride and when we came home, feathers were everywhere.  The neighbor across the street has a dog that just couldn't bear the lure and temptation of a handful of fat plump hens in our yard eating bugs in the lush grass, so she burst through her electric fence and got two of our gals.  So, if anyone is getting rid of some laying hens, please let me know.  Our one last gal is so lonely, and I want some more eggs!
They will have a gorgeous newly painted home, and I promise to protect them from the vicious canine.  So does her owner.

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